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Will there's be war between Columbia vs Ecuador / Venezuela?

Do you think U.S. will step in?

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    There will not be a war...Hugo and his buddy are just making noise...Colombia's Military is twice the size of either's Army and has been fighting a War with the FARC and the Paramilitaries for 40 years, so their Soldiers are Combat Hard...Venezuela has second hand weapons bought from Russia, Ecuador has as well, and we all know how good they work, don't we (Iraq had the same weapons) and neither Country has fought a War...the US trains the Colombian Army, we sell Weapons to them (They killed Reyes using Smart Bombs)...Chavez is just trying to get headlines since his failed attempt to become President for is now out that Chavez gave the FARC 300 Million Dollars, allows them to have camps inside his country, and has sold them Uranium...last time I checked that was breaking the UN's Law about helping Terrorist sinc ethe FARC is on the UN's Terrorist Hugito will probably be getting sanctioned from the UN after next Tuesday's meeting..same with Ecuador, thier Leftist President was neck deep with the FARC too...they Colombians found all this info on Reyes' Laptop...if there is a War, Colombia will not really need our help, but since they are our ally, we will be there for them, like we should be...but Chavez is too much of a wanker to fight them..remember he could not even win a coup in his own Country in 92...and with Venezuela's unemployment at over 50% and their Bolivar pretty much won't be long to one of Chavez's Generals puts two to his chest and one to his head...if the Colombians don't do it firts...

    Source(s): Holds Degree in History and Political Science...wife is Colombian...knows many Venezuelans...
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    I don't think there will be a war. In South America, the general population of any one country dislikes anyone from a bordering country, mostly due to lack of jobs, resources, and funds. No one wants someone from a bordering country to come in and use up the already-scarce resources. It's kind of like the US dilemma over the Mexican boarder. However, these countries are smaller, poorer, and closer together, so it gets crowded. When you add in the political conflicts that arise between the varying forms of government (not to mention Colombian rebel groups), you get cranky neighbors. This means that issues will always arise along the boarders, but it doesn't signify war.

    I used to live in Ecuador, and I can honestly say that the Ecuadorians don't love Chavez any more than the rest of the world. It's just that Columbia is much more of a threat (bombing their country and all). Small countries with insignificant military force have to ban together.

    As far as the US, we shouldn't get involved. Yes, Columbia is our ally, but we are the ones burning the Colombian people with pesticides in our air raides to destroy coca fields. It's the US that is constantly accusing Columbia of narco-trafficking. It's definitely not an allegiance to risk American lives for. Nor is jumping at the chance to overthrow Chavez, a leader who poses no threat to any country but his own. Let Venezuela manage Venezuela and the US manage the US.

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    Hugo Chavez is the new Kim Jong Il. It's no secret that Venezuela and Ecuador's governments share a relationship with FARC that goes beyond hostage negotiations. Chavez isn't irrate over the concept of compromising FARC hostage negotiations. Columbia killed his buddy, and did it on the soil of his own allies. Now, not only is he angry and basing his military decision on emotion, but also soaking up that leftist, anti-US imperialist attention he craves to fuel his popularity among the poor.

    Funny how Columbia's military used precision weaponry (likely US made) to kill a "terrorist" leader and Venezuela blames the US. I guess by that logic, if Venezuela makes a move on Columbia in any militaristic way, we can blame Russia?

    Source(s): arm chair philosopher
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    There will not be any war, not because there are not any motives, but because it has become usual for Ecuador that Colombia traspasses illegaly the border.

    If this would have been backwards and Ecuador bombed Colombia searching for illegal groups in Colombia's territory, then there would be war.

    The government of Uribe has a militaristic view such as the government of Bush, but USA has many interest in South America to support a war.

    Ecuador is one of the most efficient countries in fighting narcotraffic.

    USA has a military base in Manta, Ecuador.

    No one wants to go to war.

    Ecuadorian government wants Colombia to commit on not doing actions like they did on the weekend and not communicate to the national authorities.

    What would happen if Mexico did that inside US territory???

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    i do no longer think of of there will be a conflict. In South united states of america, the favored inhabitants of absolutely everyone u . s . dislikes each and every physique from a bordering u . s ., particularly utilising loss of jobs, ingredients, and money. no person needs somebody from a bordering u . s . to return lower back in and deplete the already-scarce ingredients. it particularly is nearly like the U. S. predicament over the Mexican boarder. whether, those worldwide places are smaller, poorer, and closer mutually, so it gets crowded. as quickly as you upload indoors the political conflicts that upward thrust up between the various kinds of government (to no longer element out Colombian rebellion communities), you get cranky acquaintances. this means that concerns will consistently upward thrust up alongside the boarders, whether it does not represent conflict. I used to stay in Ecuador, and that i will truthfully say that the Ecuadorians do no longer love Chavez any added than the the the remainder of the worldwide. it particularly is in basic terms that Columbia is a lot greater advantageous of a danger (bombing their u . s . and all). Small worldwide places with insignificant secure practices rigidity rigidity might desire to restrict mutually. as a tactics utilising certainty the U. S., we'd desire to consistently no longer grow to be in touch. particular, Columbia is our perfect chum, yet we are those burning the Colombian those with pesticides in our air raides to break coca fields. it particularly is the U. S. it particularly is consistently accusing Columbia of narco-trafficking. it particularly is actual no longer an allegiance to risk American lives for. neither is leaping on the possibility to overthrow Chavez, a frontrunner who poses no danger to any u . s . yet his very own. enable Venezuela handle Venezuela and the U. S. handle the U. S..

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    I think the U.S. should support it's ally in South America against the two most vile regimes in the history of the Americas.

    If that means sending troops and invading Venezuela, so be it. And that rat in Venezuela better find a hiding place.

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    USA is trying to destabilize Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela, countries with Nationalist Govts.USA in its desperation cant accept any independence on its former backyard.But this is not 1970 when USA had puppet military goverments.Now USA is on irreversible decline and Bush is "radioactive" , nobody wants to be next to him.

    Anyway, our comrades look at this as an opportunity, We are organizing demonstrations all over the World specially in Latam to fuel anti US protests.We are also organizing people´s militias to get weapons .All workers in Venezuela are receiving military training and that weapons will be used to take over the Goverment in thename of Proletariat´s dictatorship. We are not Nationalist, but we will use patriotism to put Venezuelan Bourgoisie on crisis , all those who support Colombia ( USA) , will be seen as traitors, and their property will be expropiated easily...

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    I think there could be some boarder skirmishes and the president has said he will stand by Columbia.

    There could be some intervention, but I don't think it will be boot on the ground.

    The sharing of intelligence and surveillance I think.

    The US can't get involved more than that. IMO.

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    It sounds like a war is coming and hopefully we won't get involved.

    Colombia is starting trouble and giving Chavez a reason to start a war (every unpopular leader needs a good war to unite the people against a common enemy).

    I doubt the next President will get involved. Hopefully W doesn't do anything stupid before then.

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    bush was just on the television pledging our support to looks as if a war will start in that part of the world. and just like iraq we will be sending our young men and women to war for someone else;s problems.but you own;t see bush;s family members;s time for america to stand up and demand this bull **** stops.

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