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If you're having a CSec, do you need to have a catheder?

If you're having a CSec, do you need to have a catheder inserted? Are there any other options?

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    Yes you do- it keeps your bladder empty and there is less chance of it being cut during the procedure. You do know your bladder is directly in front of the uterus? Its no big deal -

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    Yes, if you have a c-section, you get a catheter. Ask the staff if they can 'install' it after you have been numbed. Usually not a problem, especially if this is a planned c-section.

    The sooner you can get up and around after your c-section, the faster the catheter will come out. Mine was taken out as soon as I could stand up and walk about. There is generally no 'time limit' unless you have complications such as a spinal headache.

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    No, you have to have a catheter. Your bladder needs to be completely empty the whole time. They do this because it's so close to the uterus that if it were the least bit enlarged that they may cut into the bladder during the c-section. It's another precaution that they thankfully take to protect you and your baby.

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    I had a catheter in bec of the epidural and they left it in 24 hrs after the c section so i wouldnt get up and strain my incision and no i dont think there is any other option

    Source(s): 26 weeks and 2 day preg with 2nd son
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    Yes you have to have a cathetar...There really isn't another otpion...when you are numb from practically the chest down, you lose all control...they usually put it in just after the spinal/epidural, so you don't feel it. The only time it really inconvienced me was when they removed it...not fun.

    I am planning a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean ) this time and hope to not have to deal with it period.

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    yes you do have to have a catheter cos when you had the operation you cant get out of bed. i no cos i have had three Csec

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    Yes you have to have one. It sucks and uncomfortable but its not that bad. They gave me mine at like noon, had my son at 5 and they wouldnt take it out until midnight.....after a little while you barely know its there...good luck!

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    More than likely because they are going to freeze you "down there" and you will be numb for sometime afterwards...

    would you really want to wet yourself constantly?

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    Simple answer is YES. Sorry no alternative!

    Source(s): RN L&D
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    No other options, it's not too bad as long as it's not left in too long.

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