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Does your cervix have to be dialated for a CSec?

Does your cervix have to be dialated for a CSec? And if so, how much does it have to be dialated for a safe pregnancy?

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  • Emmy
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    Nope, in fact that can be one reason for a c-sect.

    No dilation is required for pregnancy, it is required for natural delivery 10cm.

  • Anonymous
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    No, the cervix does not need to be dialated for a c-section. When a c-section is performed, an incision is made from the outisde of the body into the uterus and the baby is delivered through the incision. The cervix only needs to dialate for a vaginal birth (must be dialated a full 10cm for a vaginal delivery).

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    Nope! A C Section it done above the cervix so it doesnt matter if you are dialated. The plus side to being dialated and why they usually start you on a PIT drip is it signals your body that you just had a baby and it needs to start producing milk and changing hormones.

    C-Sections without Pitocin back in the day were pretty hard on the female body.

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    No, its better that your cervix isnt dialated. Your cervix has nothing to do with a cesarean. They cut through the stomach muscle and fat, move your bladder and cut through the uterus break the bag of waters and take out baby. If your cervix is dialated there is a good chance of baby coming down birth canal. Better not to be dialated.

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  • Kel
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    A c-section refers to the c-shaped (sometimes) incision made in the lower abdomen to pull the baby out, your cervix being dialated or not doesn't matter. Although some women must have c-sections because they aren't dialated enough for vaginal delivery.

  • Mrs.P
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    No your cervix does not have to be dilated for a c-section. They cut open your lower abdomen and take the baby out that way, so no need for an open outlet to the birth canal.

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    No you don't have to be dialated for a c-section. They go in through your abdomen for a c-section.

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    A C-section is when they "cut" open your belly and take your baby out that way. Has nothing to do with your cervix/vagina/whatever.

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    No it doesn't, they don't go in through there so it doesn't matter. If you were dilated it would be a sign the baby was almost ready to be born and less likely to be premature though.

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    Not at all they go thru your tummy...cervix has nothing to do with c-section

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