Im looking for a place to have an outdoor wedding in southeast michigan if anyone has any ideas PLEASE share?

its my best friends wedding and she is on a budget and she wants me to help her find a place and im having such a hard time. she would love to have the ceremony and the reception at the same place SHE will have about 300 people!


we are near ann arbor but are willing to travel to monroe and as far north as brighton

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    I need more info... south east michigan is kind of big.. Do you have some cities you are by? I live in michgian, where abouts.. I will update my answer if you update yours.

    If your on a budget I would recommend using one of the metro parks. I know stoney creek is beautiful, cheap and can accomodate all those people. Essentially you get married by the water, you rent an entire closed off section (with your own parking lot) for dinner, and budget friendly would be bbq. I know that is further then you want but I am sure there are other parks that can accomodate.. Here is a link to al the parks.

    good luck!

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    Contact the local parks and recreation departments in your area. County, city, and state parks in Michigan will rent space for weddings at a very reasonable price. Many of the parks also have lovely picnic shelters available as well, so she may not need to rent a tent for the event.

  • Im not sure where exactly you are in Michigan, Im not from there, but if your close to Benton Harbor you could get married at the Blue Dress Barn.

    You could have the wedding outside and the reception inside.It holds 280 people.

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    what about a state park?

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