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10 pts! I just wrote this poem. What do you think?

This Morning

Morning, I whisper, good morning,

Recalling thoughts of yesterday,

Curtains sway, with the warm wind,

Waking up with her here today.

Memories past I can't comprehend,

But tomorrow with her is certain,

Dazed watching the sun ascend,

Scattering light through curtains.

She's the one that knew in me,

Saw my faults, but always adored,

Kept me close but always free,

Encouraging me for something more.

Morning, I kiss her, good morning,

Her lyrics have made me better,

The words to my heart she sings,

I smile, lying next to her longer.

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    OHHHHHHHH, that is so good. I really love it!!! That is so awesome that you like to write. You are really really good. I love to write too. That was a great poem. It was very very sweet!!!

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    i have to say that just gave me chills, but good ones of course. I write myself here and there and to see something like that just inspires me so to continue writing. Poetry is the best way to express the way your feeling in a way that so many people can relate and understand. Spoken very true and has a story line. Like it alot =)

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    Its romantic and dreamy its a great peom and I am a girl my self i would certainly fall for someone like yiu keep on righting those peoms . I might hook you up with one of my agents and yo can become famous.

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    If it's about a real person that your in love with. Then that girl is very lucky indeed. And your are lucky to find that love and so special you will be together.

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    I think it's great, but remember there is no copy right on the poem and someone can still your idea and make themselves very happy from your hard work.

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    I loooove it! I can really relate to it the only thing is that i'm a girl and it was a guy I was lying next too. ;)

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    You just wrote that? If that is true, you are gifted. How long did it take to write, I mean, the meter, and rhyme are perfect...almost professional.

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    it is good but.... it doesnt rhyme or sound like a poem.... its more like a short story theme or something im sorry but thats just how i see it.

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    i think you are very talented and your inspiration for this your muse is a lucky lady

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    Wow! This is soooooo good! More!

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