What is this error with the new mail?

The error, LaunchCascadeError-ymws:Server.UserPreferenceFetchFailed, occurred when trying to connect to Yahoo! Mail.

For 2 weeks now, I have been experiencing this issue and have seen others use their yahoo email without any issues. Only mine would not work no matter the PC I try it on.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    At this time Yahoo is still having some problems at the moment. If you look you will find lots of people cannot send/receive/delete Ect. mail at the moment.

    Also try using the YAHOO HELP button here is the link http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/or...

    Yahoo is there to help use. I use HELP all the time.

    You can also call Yahoo Hot-line 1-866-562-7219. And or these numbers are US # 1-866-562-7249. 1-866-850-4303, 1-866-492-4664, 1-800-699-2466 or here is the driect # 1-408-349-1572. Also here is the UK # 020 7131 1000 and Canada # 1-877-722-3755. Hope these will help you. I think the more we BUG Yahoo. Maybe the faster they will FIX THE PROBLEMS.

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    1 decade ago

    Yahoo is still having some problems at the moment. Suggested cures range from Update Adobe Flash Player and Javascript to clear IE7 cache, cookies, and browsing history. Different things seem to work for different people. It's causing attachments to not show, 999 errors where it won't let you do a particular action and some people cannot send recieve delete or move mail. It's not just Vista either it's happening to some of us on XP. I have been advised to use this site to view my mail, www.mail2web.com if all else fails go back to classic mail via this link. http://us.mg1.mail.yahoo.com/dc/optout?script=no click yes when asked do you want to opt out. Hope this helps.

  • 1 decade ago

    try to login from here



    It seems you are using new yahoo mail, which needs latest browsers.For error free emailing use yahoo mail classic

    Use the below link to return to yahoo mail classic and click yes ,when it asks for "opt out"


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