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why dont you see mma fighter like chuck liddel or tim sylivia try out for the big legue? you know BOXING!!!!!?

no mma fighter will ever cross over to boxing, it requires a new level of conditioning which has been unseen in mma. The high pace and always having to be on your feet and being expected to get up in 8 seconds is not something in mma fighter can do. The punishment is also far worse in boxing. In mma you can grab and roll around and basically never get hit or not get hit that often. That doesnt go the same in boxing. Low class boxers have crossed over to mma and have had success while ive yet to see a mma fighter cross over to boxing.

They are totally different sports but i have always said that boxing is much harder in terms of what a fighter has to go through to win tough fights. The body shots, headshots, 10 to 12 round fights, knockdowns, and getting up and continueing to fight.

the way your chin and heart will be questioned has never been an issue in mma. i mean anderson silva pay against henderson was a joke(120k), that was a big fight in my opionion. that = waterboys pay.

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    Could do, but at a high level I imagine they would get destroyed if they were limited to just punches. They're probably too old to start boxing and make any real impact anyway.

    The one guy who was in UFC (isn't any more) that I think could have crossed over would have been "Little Evil" Jens Pulver. Had a good Amateur background, brilliant technique, and was an awesome puncher.

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    Please hear me out there is not one mma fighter wrestler kick boxer or what ever you want to call them that could last five rounds with Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match. There is a reason why there is a mma because they cant cut it in the real mans sport which is boxing . Think of it this way where did all these mma fighters come from all of a sudden. How did they beat to become great how do we know they are great or if they can fight at all . I will say this this the people at the top of mma are very smart they took a bunch of white kids with a lot of heart and put short shorts on them and let them roll around on the floor other than that there is not much to look at sorry mma guys the truth hurts but when a guy can stop a fight that he is in any time he thinks he,s going to get hurt I don,t have much respect for to me mma is one step above WWF

  • Because MMA is what they do. They know what they are good at, so thats what they do. Just like MMA would be hard for any boxer to get into, Boxing would be hard for any MMA fighter to get into.

    Just a sidenote, I hope this war with MMA ends. MMA and Boxing need to come to conclusion that although they are different sports, we both are combat sports. We need to respect each other and stop trying to put the other out of business. Its not bad for boxing, not bad for MMA, but its bad for combat sports in general.

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    The reason Chuck Liddell or other MMA'ers don't try boxing is the same reason Marvin Hagler never tried hockey.

    PLEASE. . . HEAR ME. . . . . Boxing and MMA are different sports!!! I know, you're probably saying "yeah, but there are lots of similarities!" Basketball and soccer have lots of similarities, too. . . .but you can be 5 ft tall and still be a great soccer player. . . . you won't see many 5 ft tall NBA'ers making it big. . . .Spud Webb and Mugsy Bogues (sic) are the EXCEPTIONS to the rule, not the rule!

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    A lot of boxers who could beat Silva boxing wouldn't mind $120,000 for 2 rounds. Do you make that? It's hardly a joke. A lot of boxers fight for $2,000 a fight or less.

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    Boxing - Pacquiao, Ali and Leonard. MMA - Anderson Silva and Randy Couture.

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    actually most boxers that do MMA suck, there are exceptions, but the majority too. And besides....with the sport of boxing going down the crapper and MMA being the hottest thing since sliced bread....why would you give up filet mignon to try a chuck roast

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    mma fighters know that their arsenal of weapons in limited to just punching (no backfists) and against guys who have perfected their"limited arsenal" , most would find themselves outclassed.

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    They just don't have the endurance and heart to go 12 rounds.

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    why don't you learn how to spell?

    p.s. this is what the alphabet would look like without the q and the r

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