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國旗:呈長方形,長與寬之比為25:18。旗地為藍色,紅、白兩色的十字將旗面分成四塊:兩個相等的藍色正方形,兩個相等的藍色長方形。藍色代表大海,白色代表白雪。藍、白兩色為冰島的國色,體現冰島的自然環境特點,即在藍色的天空和海洋中,浮出“ 冰的陸地”——冰島。冰島自1262年起為挪威屬地,14世紀同受丹麥統治,所以國旗上的十字圖案源自丹麥國旗圖案,表示出冰島歷史上與挪威、丹麥的關係。

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    National Flag: It is in rectangular shape. The length-width ratio is 25:18. The background of the flag is blue in color and a cross of white and red divides the flag into four parts: two blue squares of equal size, and two blue rectangles of equal size.

    Blue represents the ocean and white represents the snow. Blue and white are the national colors of Iceland and reflect the characteristic of natural environment of Iceland. That is, amid the blue sky and ocean, a piece of icy land -- Iceland appears.

    Since 1262, Iceland has become the colony of Norway and since 14th century, it has come under the reign of both Norway and Denmark. Therefore, the cross on the national flag originates from the design of Denmark's national flag and represents the historical relationship among Iceland, Norway and Denmark.

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  • Ka Man
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    National flag: Assumes the rectangle, is long and the wide ratio is

    25: 18. The flag is a blue color, is red, the white two colors cross

    divides into the flag surface four: Two equal blue color squares, two

    equal blue color rectangles. The blue color represents the sea, the

    white generation of vindicating snow. Blue, white two colors for

    Iceland's national beauty, manifests Icelandic the natural environment

    characteristic, namely in the blue color sky and the sea, floats "the

    ice land" — — Iceland. Iceland was from 1262 for Norway, 14

    centuries with received Denmark to rule, therefore on national flag

    cross design source from the Danish national flag design, expressed in

    the Icelandic history and Norwegian, Denmark's relations.

    Source(s): yahoo聰明筆
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    Flag: a rectangular shape, length and width ratio of 25:18. Flag for the blue, red, white and blue flag of the cross will be divided into four: two equal blue square with the same blue rectangle 2. Blue for the sea and snow-white representatives. Blue, white and blue for the color of Iceland, Iceland embodies the characteristics of the natural environment, that is, in the blue sky and the ocean, floating "ice land" - Iceland. Iceland since 1262 from the territorial Norway, Denmark 14th century by the same rule, the national flag on the Cross logo from Danish flag logo, show the history of Iceland and Norway, Denmark relations.


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