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逢星期一至五 晚上10:30本港台

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  • Wai
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    1 decade ago
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    ZEBRA IN LINE----ZEBRA symbolizes the discussion and thoughts to be distinguished clearly just like black and white. It also means inviting friends to join and discuss for a specified topic. IN LINE means following up closely with the events and trends among the society.

    ZEBRA IN LINE is hosted by Tao Kit and Lau Tin Chi, the two celebrities in talk show world, with their rich imagination, humorous characteristic, explicating and commenting about the trends, current events and culture in the society from the past to nowadays. On each show, there will be guests respectively including celebrities gathering together and talking freely and leisurely, students from universities and colleges to express and exchange ideas from their points of view about the society, culture and arts etc. to create a new communicative and exchangeable platform.


    To Kit----A hot celebrity, highly educated in U.K. with Master degree, a well-known media author, working in an important role in the media business, specialized in writing and commenting sharply on the events, news, ranging variously with different knowledge including for examples, astronomy, geography etc., sparkling brilliantly with his wisdom.

    Lau Tin Chi----nicknamed as CHI KOON, an experienced TV producer, with working fields including, writing, broadcasing, and media plays which are well known and outstanding. CHI KOON, a reading lover, specializes in explicating classic things from his point of views, expressing with his humours style and sharp opinions for the theory of socializing.

    Broadcasing time-- every Monday to Friday, 10:30 pm at Hong Kong Radio.

    2008-03-05 04:48:18 補充:

    PLEASE ADD ---- "He is" after To Kit------

    and "He is" after Lau Tin Chi------

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  • Ka Man
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    1 decade ago

    [ Zebra on-line ], by "zebra" the black and white stripe expands for

    the view clear distinction, also may deduct in the popular society

    broadly to invite the friendly meaning; "On-line" melts can tightly

    paste the social step the meaning. [ Zebra on-line ], by Tao Chieh and

    Liu T'ientz'u two works as the synonym mouth, by the inexhaustible

    imagination, by the charming relaxed style, spoke freely about the

    present and past social phenomenon, the tidal current culture with

    profundity and an easy-to-understand approach and so on. In addition,

    program each volume meets in Guang Yaoch'eng the celebrity to be the

    honored guest, opportunity of the collection independent warlords

    gathering, speaks freely in the program. The program also invites each

    big colleges and universities the young student, by the new generation

    of angle opinion, to the society, art and the culture founds a new

    communication and the inspiration exchange platform together.

    Program management: The ceramic is outstanding, nowadays the society

    worked as the red talented person, once goes off to study England to

    study master, relied on the learned many only then charm, duty of the

    body concurrently renowned columnist and the multi- media creation,

    excelled discusses the matter by the pungent writing and the original

    foresight to state the matter, on to the astronomy, got down to the

    geography, displayed individual wisdom. Liu T'ientz'u, the person

    bestows the official, the senior television manufacture person, the

    work category spreads the writing, the broadcast and the cross media

    creation, once formulated the remarkable work which many widely people

    was familiar with. Is well-read bestows the official to excel to be

    classical by individual viewpoint annotation, relies on the charming

    humorous individuality, with and the pertinent penetrating opinion,

    smoothly discusses now 處世 studying.

    Broadcasts the time: Meets Monday to five evenings 10:30 this Hong

    Kong and Taiwan

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