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我teacher話我個班要學習講野技巧.so (yestday)有個 辯論會.比d當男生比當女生好我的原因

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    Boys are better than girls:

    physical strength - can do much heavy duties independently

    sex - can travel without sexual disturbance (generally)

    - without pregnant frustration

    - without menstruation - without 'painful' experience per month

    - 丁屋are only for men/boys to inheritate

    society - usually sons/daughters' surnames are fathers' surnames

    career - more space for development because of convenience in travelling everywhere & without pregnancy, bosses are more willing to promote male staff

    appearance - girls are earlier to get old because of earlier 更年期;boys are later

    marriage status - men can be unmarried without social discrimination & even compliment but unmarried old women will be called 'bad names' eg 老姑婆

    family responsibility - men usually can only be expected to earn livings & women would be expected to take care of children & even be a working mother ie earn livings + take care of children, although some responsible men do take care of their children

    Some traditional families are fond of boys more than girls, the family environment are more likely to be favourable to boys eg priority of expense in university

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