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? asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

wt means ?when i say?yhler?

wt means (np)?when i say (ty) to someone ,they always say (np)

wt about (dude)?(omg)?(nut)???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hi, l think ur new to runescape,

    so l will explan to u all about it,

    not only ur problem , and many other word u may c in runescape as well,

    1337 - Elite, also "cool"

    Ard(y) - Ardougne

    Att - Attack level

    Barb Village - Barbarian Village

    CW - Castle Wars

    Def - Defence level

    Edge - Edgeville

    F2P - Free to Play (Free version of RS)

    Fally - Falador

    FM - Firemaking

    FTW - For the win

    G2G - Got to go

    GP- Gold pieces (money in game)

    Hits/HP - Hit points

    K - A thousand of something, usually gp (eg. 2k = 2.000gp), can also mean okay

    KBD - King Black Dragon

    KQ - Kalphite Queen

    Lag - pauses or jumps in play due to slow internet connection speed

    Lumby - Lumbridge

    Lvl - Level

    Mil - A million of something, usually gp Newb - Player who is new to RuneScape.

    NFS - Not for sale

    Noob - Experienced player who acts like a newb (derogatory)

    NP - No Problem

    NTY - No, Thank You

    NVM or NM - Nevermind

    OMG - Oh my God, or Oh my gosh

    Owns - Very good, or best at something

    P2P - Pay to Play (Members version of RS)

    Pker - Player Killer

    RC - Runecrafting

    RL - Real life

    ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing

    RS1/RSC - RuneScape 1 (Classic)

    RS2/RS - RuneScape (2)

    Seers - Seers Village

    Str - Strength level

    TY - Thank You

    WC - Woodcutting

    Wildy - Wilderness

    Varr/Vrk - Varrock

    YW - Your welcome

    and this is the thing when u wanant o type sum word with special :

    Colour codes:Movement codes:

    Red: Text is redWave: Text moves up and down.

    Yellow: Text is yellow (default colour)Wave2: Text waves diagonally.

    Green: Text is greenShake: Text shakes bizarrely.

    Cyan: Text is cyanSlide: Text slides from up to down.

    Purple: Text is purpleScroll: Text scrolls from left to right.

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  • hkslot
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    np = no problem = 沒問題

    dude = man (slang) = 「友」仔 (俗語)

    omg = oh my god = 我的天呀

    nut (slang) = foolish or mad person = 傻佬或怪人 (俗語)

    Source(s): hkslot
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