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  • 1 decade ago
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    How are you, I am Cai4 Yi2 Han2, this year is 22 years old and inhabit Hsin-ying City, Tainan County and study in Gao Yuan4 currently science and technology university.the finance financial department grade four.My personality is actively moderate and optimistic, and enthusiastic to help easily get along with others.

    I grow at a family of middle-class family, the father is one to decorate teacher, the mother is a protecting of a rightness of lovely twins mother and there is also the younger brother whom 1 are serving as soldier in Kinmen currently, although daddy's mama works busyness, expect that we can have good personal conduct for personal conduct, studies all equal value of our elder sister's both the younger brotherses, with education, the younger brother interest after dining, having been accepting a school to arrange a Leofoo Safari park to wait for to practice everywhere since senior high vocational school, graduating thinks of to find a teacher learning technique at first, due to haven't undergone military service and usually meet rejection, therefore is undergoing military service to be responsible for superior's food in Kinmen in Kinmen currently;As for my senior high vocational school then chose to continue to enter higher school after graduating, now …the university will soon graduate and to not be ungrateful to parents thus and diligently educate the future that hopes to find a good work to have stable income to daddy mama an expectation that biggestly fixs mind pill and just doesn't be ungrateful to daddy mama to me.

    2008-03-05 02:31:44 補充:

    In Taiwan at present under the condition of high jobless rate, only in advance do a good employment to prepare can win at rise run a point …due to oneself attend finance finance, possible in the future toward reason particularly direction development,

    2008-03-05 02:32:10 補充:

    but I hope and don't give I restriction live, can toward more diverse direction development, and because science and technology industry is very extensive, social currently up also have much employment opportunities,

    2008-03-05 02:32:27 補充:

    and I still and just and extensively absorb related message and data of different industry, and usually get to the Internet to look into information, hope to understand trend more from it, hoping to work to the future can have a help.

    2008-03-05 02:34:21 補充:

    The employment market absolutely isn't likely to only limit in a very small Taiwan, if don't strengthen strength, develop oneself's professional special technical ability, in the future possibility very easy is replaced,

    2008-03-05 02:34:38 補充:

    present society is life long learning of society, employment after I want that still having to get is of substantial I, otherwise will be like a computer, soon is eliminated,

    2008-03-05 02:34:57 補充:

    so I after hoping to need work everything on the right track again is considered to that the company nearby school studies a master degree, and learns more knowledges that have a help to the companies.

    2008-03-05 02:35:15 補充:

    If there is a chance into your company, will certainly adhere to the attitude of earnest learning to learn to be a good employee hard well …

    2008-03-05 02:35:42 補充:


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