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    詩人名字: Emily Dickinson

    詩的內容: Unto my books- so good to turn-

    Far ends of tired Days-

    It half enders the Abstinence-

    And Pain- is missed- in Prase.

    As Flavors- cheer Retarded Guests

    With Banquettings to be-

    So Spices- stimulate the time

    Till my small Library-

    It may be Wilderness-without-

    Far feet of failing Men-

    But Holiday-excludes the night-

    And it is Bells-within-

    I thank these Kinsmen of the Shelf-

    Their Countenances Kid

    Enamor- in Prospective

    And satisfy- obtained-

    Source(s): 希望你喜歡這首詩
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