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因為是正式面試 所以麻煩請不要用翻譯軟體唷!!3Q了

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  • 1 decade ago
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    以下的翻譯應該夠用了 該給點點數喲

    I was born in the Hsinchu city of Taiwan on August 18, 1986. My

    family has four members. Beside me and my parents, I also has a younger brother. My daddy is engaged in the industry, but my mother is in the

    company office works as accountant, younger brother at present then

    also is studying in the high school. My family is an extremely joyful small family.

    In the high school, I went study the application English Department, because the air server is an occupation which I yearned for from infancy to

    maturity, therefore my high school chooses the language aspect. But

    after I graduate because does not want to give in the family to create

    the burden, therefore I choose construct teach the class, I tested the

    Taipei commercial technology institute, although read is the

    enterprise administration section, but the company cooperated I to

    choose the new light three department stores, because it was by

    service industry primarily, but my duty just also receives young lady,

    how was allowed to learn to serve the customer, the reception

    customer, and treated each customer by the kind service and the genial

    manner which expended.

    My personality is extrovertive. I like becoming friends with the others,

    usually like eating the food with the friend on a vacation, guards

    the threshing floor the movie, perhaps goes to the bookstore to read,

    absorbs some knowledge.

    The present stage, I although have been being under the office job in Hsin-Kuang department store as receptionist lady

    , but heard when your company gives public notice of

    entrance examination the air hostess, causes the thought which I

    already wanted to give up to vanish, I all had to go in any event try

    time to have a look, although the language ability was not how good,

    but I believed was willing to study certainly can progress, therefore

    extremely hope your firm could give me the opportunity, displayed

    oneself, let the populace feel me to the service sincerity.

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    Source(s): 很實用的求職翻譯部落格
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