Dell or HP which laptop to buy?

I am planning on buying a laptop so I can save all my songs, do homework, and play WoW. Anywyas I have been comparing laptops (VAIO, DELL, HP) and I have decided not to get VAIO. I now don't know which one to get (HP or VAIO), I have customized both with the same amount of memory of RAM and Hard Drive, the only difference is the Video Card(Dell: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT and HP: Nvidia GeForce8400 GS) Which one do you recommend the most? I know HP is cheaper than Dell, and I do not want to spend too much on a new laptop, but if there is no other choice I am willing to make the sacrifice. Which one is it better? Or does it not matter?

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    Vaio....the one with flash drive

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    I recommend to go with HP... I have been using HP laptop and it gives me satisfactory results...

    Heres a review


    bought a HP dv5200tx laptop about a year ago. I just want to share with you the overal experience so that you can take a call on buying it or its next closest variant (which has similar specifications).

    My main purpose for buying the laptop was a combination of the following:

    1. Running MS office and carrying out part office work, documentations, presentations, etc.

    2. Running software like money or emails, simple software designer suites.

    3. I have NOT installed larger applications like oracle apps or SAP(Surprised? But i know of someof my friend who have done it on their laptops). I have not run middle tier softwares like IIS servers, etc.

    4. I do like to spend some time watching movies or playing games (if not me, my family)

    5. Carry my important data, emails and downloaded documents with me. As well as be able to access the net while I am traveling.

    1. Overall product features and usability: It is excellent as a personal laptop with combined gaming and personal usage. Just good as a professional laptop for an individual small office guy, Average as a pure professional laptop.

    The Geforce graphics has made gaming great. The large screen makes picture viewing a pleasure.

    The cpu power is dual core with high speed and I have not faced problems with a single workable application till date, however cpu hungry it might be. Please also note that I do not load with large applications that are generally not meant for laptops.

    Here are some negatives - There are cases when the RAM/bios does get corrupt. This has happened to me almost at the end of the year of warranty, so i thankfuly got that fixed for free. But that also prompted me to make sure that I renew my warranty for the next two years and had to pay money for that. But more interestingly, i note that many other people have faced a similar issue, who had come to fix their laptops in the service center.

    Not that light. Whatever is the number of pounds, etc. people companies display, I prefer going by the feel, handlability and the overal feeling of weight. The equivalent Acer model and the Dell models are lighter.

    I did try to overload the application with Sql server and visual developer, and yes while it works, it makes the system crawl at times. Workable, but not anything near to awesome performance in these cases.

    2. Value for money - Just OK. Lets face it, its a pretty good product and he is milking you out for the money. And HP does not have a Dell strategy of low price. So you will see some similar Dell models which are cheaper.

    3. Support and service - HP has a good system and smart engineers (usually) working, but their overal management of the support activities, scheduling and communication is pretty pathetic.

    He promised me fixing the issue in 2 days and took more than 2 weeks! I would have been able to prepare myself better if the 2 weeks were informed before hand! And to top it all, their bangalore center has a snobbish manager (a lady) who doesnt understand when her team has genuinely goofed up and when the customer is pressurising unduly.

    Do I feel I should have made a different decision when I look back at the end of one year of usage?

    NO - Its been a good call. For one, when I need to cool it off and watch movies or play games, its a marvel. For two, apart from the memory issue, there has been absolutely no other problem faced by me. But please do mind it, the BIOS/RAM issue is there and I am pretty confident there would be ample others out there owning this model who have faced it.

    What alternatives would I have considered: Dell XPS series, the smaller size model or the Acer travel mate. But both these would reduce the multimedia experience althought more rugged and lighter.


    BUY THIS LAPTOP if you are a person who is not going to travel too much with this laptop, and who enjoys multimedia, and would like to run standard applications with minimum hassles.

    Do NOT BUT THIS LAPTOP IF for mainly professional purposes, more travel and if you need to load it will heavy applications that demand high cpu/ram usage continuously.

    Best wishes!!


    Purchase Price (INR): 65000

    Screen Type: TFT or Active Matrix Screen

    Operating System: Windows

    CPU type: No Comment

    CPU Speed (MHz): Over 1000

    RAM: 1 GB

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    sorry guy but your answer is way to long. i didnt even make it halfway through. i would try to customize the hp with the 8600.i really dont think it matters which one you get as far as brand.if they have the same features get the cheaper one.if we were talking desktop i would say hp but this is laptop.

  • Well, if you want good graphics for WoW, then the Dell. But I doubt it really matters much so if you want to save some money, then go with the HP.

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    Toshiba is better than all of them. They use real products not the

    2 dollar ones. Take a look at their laptops.

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    Sorry, I have a macbook and have been pretty happy since I have bought it. I say shell out the cash for whatever you want. I researched what I would be using my laptop for and found that a mac was best for me. Good Luck

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    i have a dell and i love it! i customized everything and it got delivered earlier than it was supposed to and i love it!!!!its pink. i got a sound card and it sounds good when i put my music in.

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    Toshiba's stand up to wear and tear a lot better.

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    they all can run wow.

    design - get sony

    service - get hp

    performance - get dell

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    i have an HP n i am happy with it.

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