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Does looking at recordings of ouija boards count as messing with ouija boards?

I've messed with ouija boards before and I'll be the first to tell you that that sh*ts not to be messed with, but I still find them kind of interesting. I've been watching recordings of them being used on youtube but was wondering if this counts as messing with ouija boards.


I don't plan to actually mess with ouija boards again I just like watching videos on them. I'm still not entirely sure if they're real or not.

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    So many questions on YA are about Ouija boards and how scary or dangerous they are. OK, this is how it is.

    The board or any means of communicating with spirits is not evil of itself. The reason so many people, especially young people, have scary stuff happen with Ouija boards is that they're messing with forces they don't understand and don't know how to use safely. They shouldn't be used as games because they can invite spirit entities to contact you, and if you don't shield out negative entities, they can come through just as easily as positive ones.

    I've heard it explained as being like opening your front door to the spirit world, putting on party music, and inviting anyone who comes by to come in and party with you. You probably wouldn't do that in the physical world, so why would you want to do that with spirits you know nothing about?

    Watching recordings of Ouija boards probably won't cause you harm, but I wonder why you're so fascinated with them. Maybe you're attracted to the sense of danger you have with them? Or are you attracted to the idea of other-worldly beings?

    Either way, pray for guidance and direction before you get more deeply involved in this stuff. It's not all evil, but there is the potential to get in over your head and get in trouble with it. Knowledge, caution and patience are your friends.

    - Persephone

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    Only if the girls using them are naked.

    For crying out loud. There is a reason they are sold in the toy section of department stores.

    It was only ever meant as a parlour game and is as fake as all the other spiritualist mumbo jumbo kitsch.

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    Still fascinated by evil - quite common. And what do you intend doing about it?

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    See you in hell.

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