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Josiah Lemming, too good for American Idol?

in my opinion Josiah Lemming would do so much better on a different record level, especially because I've seen the VH1 behind the music episodes on Kelly Clarkson and other American Idols and the record label literally owns the artist, i just think it would be a shame if Josiah got ruined by some over-bearing record label like that. His songs are so heart felt and honestly hes one of the best artists I've ever heard. Even if he doesnt end up back on the show, someone will pick him up. Hell...I might even make my own record label and do that if no one else does!

Pretty much I just wanted to know what everyone else thinks on the topic of Josiah

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    I like Josiah but he wouldnt have lasted on American Idol, he doesnt do the typical teeny bopper bull. You're right, he's gonna get picked up and we're gonna hear some great things from him.

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    Yeah, I don't know what the judges were thinking picking Jason Yeager, Garrett Haley, Colton Berry or Luke Menard over Josiah. He would have done better than any of those guys.

    I think he is a good kid, and I think the judges thought he was arrogant when he dismissed the band, but it looked to me like he just hadn't gotten enough practice with them and wanted to try it solo. I believe some record label may give him a chance though.

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    Josaih Leming is way too good for American Idol, because he can sing, write songs, play guitar & piano, and most of all he got his own personality and he has originality. I think that is what a good artist must have; and Josaih have it all. And to be known, Josaih does'nt need the title of being an American Idol winner because he can do it on his own. Especially now that most of the people have appreciate his talent. Maybe, after a year or even months, Josaih's composition will be heard worldwide. And I can wait for that day to come because I know he deserves it.

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    He tousled his audition massive time, the final one besides. this would be a making a music contest not the rest. His tale saddens me, yet i don't experience sorry for him being voted off. in case you will deliver a band away you greater valuable be distinctly damn good. He did not decrease it, and that i think of he have been given a sprint cocky on the tip. Is it genuine he did not even prepare for his final audition? i'm particular somebody will furnish his some variety of a settlement, according to risk. Or he will possibly come again next season. i've got self assurance undesirable for each and all of the persons who get voted off. It must be so difficult! I trust what the guy above me reported. human beings ought to boycott AI till they decrease those products out! haha

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    Josiah Leming, for me is too arrogant for AI. Honestly, he has the chance to win it, even better than Archuleta but I guess he would be that person who would be the "I'm-famous-so-time-to-be-snobbish-and-bossy" or the Paris Hilton likes. It was on record history of AI that somebody sang without the band since Hollywood week.

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    I am still not over the loss of Josiah. It blows my mind some of the guys they put thru but said no to him. I do think he is above AI. How will any labels get a hold of him, living in his car??

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    Josiah is a big artist, future. I think he will be success on this entertainment...

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    i was also expecting him to be picked into the top 24...i was disappointed he wasnt...and i dont understand sure he'll have a succesful career in the future...

    He is a great singer...but anyway....honestly..David Archuleta can beat him in no time..

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