is smokin weed on occasion ok?

ppl tell mi diff things all the time so idk

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  • 1 decade ago
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    there's no such thing as smoking on occasion. eventually the occasion will be more often and then every day. otherwise - as illegal drugs go, it's the least that deserves the illegal part of it when comparing it to alcohol and alcohol related deaths alone.

  • 1 decade ago

    Next time you ask a question like this, make sure you spell everything right.

    Nothing is more irritating than kids asking "idk iz alchole bad fer me n mi brane? teachers tell mi it izz " and "iz smockin weed ok if i only do it sumtimz n not lyke all da time?"

    Anyway, I'll answer your question and stop giving you sh*t about your spelling.

    Smoking weed is fine, as long as you can function in school. The people telling you not to smoke reefer are the people who believe everything the government says is true and never suspect that they are being spoon-fed propaganda (this is a totally different topic I'm getting into, sorry.) If you smoke weed occasionally you probably aren't going to end up a heroine addicted prostitute living in a dumpster, or a patient in the insane asylum. Besides the fact that you are inhaling smoke... I don't see the harm to anything else but your lungs. A study has found that an active ingredients in marijuana helps produce new brain cells... so while you kill your old ones, you can produce new ones! Oh joy!

    Don't sweat it, everyone is misinformed.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    People say pot is the gateway drug that if you try pot then you will try all sorts of other drugs and then get hooked, in prison or dead. It is just to scare you. I started pot when I was in high school. And while I did try a few other drugs, I liked pot and stayed with it. I haven't smoked in about 6 years as my job can randomly test and if positive I would be fired immediately no questions asked, no matter if I was the best employee. So, if you are looking for a good job not some temporary type then you might want to reconsider. I smoked pot, I'm not sorry. I liked it alot (I inhaled), and if it wasn't for risking my job then I'd still be smoking it.If they ever decriminalize it, I'll be the first one lighting up.

  • 1 decade ago

    I've smoked regularly (about once a week or so) for a few years now. Of course it's ok.... just don't let it control your life. I'm an honors student in high school and I got accepted/offered scholarships to 8/8 universities I applied to. Also I've had a job since I was 15 and saved enough $ to buy my own car and i still have 8k in the bank. Anyone who tells you that smoking weed is bad or addictive is just spewing the same bullshit braindead propaganda they were raised with. The only negative is that weed was a gateway drug to things like tobacco and alcohol... for me at least.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Smoke if you want to, indulging your curiosity isn't going to kill you. If you find that you like it then remember just like anything else it's best to enjoy in moderation.

    Read a thread like this and you'll understand why it's ridiculous that pot is even illegal in the first place. There's so much misinformation regarding marijuana. I find it purely laughable that people still demonize pot as some kind of stepping stone to psychotic behavior and heroin addiction.

    Pick up some recent information folks rather than buying in to 50 year old propaganda.

  • 1 decade ago

    Stay away from that crap! It'll only get u into trouble and you'll have one hell of a time keeping a job! Even the fast food places drug test now! Dont become a loser pot head!

  • 1 decade ago

    As long as there is no weed killer on it, it should be ok. lol

    As long as it does not affect your normal life or the people around you and you do it as a week end type thing and in a safe environment them you should be ok.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think weed is wrong in any sense. However as many potential employers can find this substance in your system quite easily I would stay away from it.

  • 1 decade ago

    the addiction some people talk about isn't a physical addiction.And not only is it ok on occasion, it helps prevent glaceauma(sp?).I would reccomend it, just be careful not to get in trouble.

  • TMK :)
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    1 decade ago

    experiment with it its part of growing up

    i smoke a lot but that doesnt mean im not doing anything with my life im 16 and already have scholarships to at least 12 schools so go ahead and smoke some weed if you want

  • 1 decade ago

    yes it is ok i mean how many time have you heard about a stonier being killed in a car wreck or going crazy robing a bank so say f@#% the police and indulge your mind with the onething that god put on this plant that is worth it

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