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How do I customize my amp and guitar to get a nice Eric Johnson sound for the song "Cliffs of Dover"?

I have a Fender frontman 25R. How do I adjust it?

I have an Epiphone SG special. how do i adjust it?

First to answer and sounds great i promise five stars and best answer.

Thankyou! : )

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    Oh bit off a lot to try and emulate.

    First the guitar settings. low tone, neck pickup, volume at 10.

    I also have a Fender 25R, so...get your gain to 3-5, take all the highs out, pop up the mids past 5 (and higher), and lows around 5. That...may....uh get close. juice it up with 2 or 3 reverb. Try all these settings with really high gain as well, as you need to get a ton of compression through the amp.

    hmm. You know, what would be the best is to get a POD. they literally have the "Cliffs of Dover" setting in there somewhere.

    The problem is that Eric Johnson is a crazy tone freak. He has spent many thousands of dollars on dozens, if not hundreds, of boutique amps and special guitars, digital modifications et al.

    woof. Good luck. I know the Fender 25R is a stalwart worker, and I love mine, but you may need a couple more additions to your signal path before you get the sound you're looking for.

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    Many people have asked these kind of questions before, and I'd say the best answer is just get something close enough and create your own sound from there.

    Eric Johnson probably hits the strings differently than you, uses different strings, he obviously uses a different guitar and amp set-up, plays with different action, tone and likely speed, and even if you dedicated tons of effort into it you'll still only be imitating him.

    Now, I'd say go for the bridge pickup, it's probably the most trebly and Strat-like of your available pickups, and turn up the mid and treble of the amp. Eric Johnson uses delay pedals alot, but I'd focus on no-frills playing before you invest huge money into effects.

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    Put the SG in middle pickup mode to emulate a close as possible a single coil pickup like a strat. Kick up lots of bass on the amp and loads of gain and saturation.

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