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Running what pregnant, is it safe?

So i just found out im pregnant but im not sure how far along yet.......Is it still safe to run while pregnant? I regularly ran and danced before the pregnancy so is it safe to still run ect. ?

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    I am a runner, and I had this EXACT question at first. According to my OB, running is OK as long as you keep your heart rate below 140. I wasn't able to keep it below that level, so she told me I had to stop running and start doing another exercise. I now use the elliptical machine at the gym. The reason you need to keep the heart rate under 140 is because the baby's heart rate is proportionately tied to yours, so raising your heart rate too much will make the baby's race off the charts. Good luck!

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    as long as you ran earlier being pregnant, yet you could't enable your heart value exceed a undeniable quantity. basically communicate to your doctor once you flow in.i does not start up education for the a million/2 marathon yet, because of the fact your physique isn't waiting for it, it would be secure to run 2-3 miles another day, and that's it. there'll grow to be a time later on your being pregnant the place working isn't an determination, and swimming is sweet,

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    My sister played soccer through more than half of her pregnancy before she found out she was even pregnant & her little man turned out fine. In fact, he's a damn good soccer player! He'll go pro one day...

    As far as how "safe" it is...I'm not too sure. I would consult your doctor on that one just to be sure! Good luck!

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    Yes. It is healthy to maintain the activities that you were doing before your pregnancy.

    In your third trimester your doctor will probably advise you to cut back on/stop running, but for now you're fine.

    Definitely mention the fact that you run to your doctor, though!

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    As long as you were active before you can keep that level of activity. Just make sure that you pace yourself more and keep in tune with your body more. Know your limitations and if something seems wrong, stop until you see your doc.

    Good luck and congrats!

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    No. Running could result in a lot of problems for you and the baby. Although walking is perfectly safe. It is gentle exercise only while pregnant i am afraid.

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    i dont believe ever i know you can still do certain excersises only if you already did them before you got prego. maybe its the same w/ running but i dont think so you should ask the doc to be safe.

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