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What is the Christian view on rib transplants?



Update 2:

(((batgirl and beano)))

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    they are against them. if man gives up too many ribs, his new found flexibility makes the need for women obsolete.

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    Ok that just made me laugh.

    I guess if you can find a rib that is a perfect match then you can transplant it. I mean come on we would not want those poor people who had rib decay running around with just one rib now would we?

    Would you use a living donor (like you can with Kidney's and Bone Marrow and Blood) or a dead donor?

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    lol Atheist, but I'll give my view anyway. I'm missing a rib. They used it to fuse my broken vertebrae together. Does that mean I was recreated? hehe

  • With just one rib you can clone a whole new human of the opposite sex.

    Not sure how they get rid of the Y chromosome, but hey, God did it!

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    1 decade ago

    No experimentation on ribs because every male rib is a potential adult female.

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    LOL, cute one, and I needed the laugh, friend. Thank you for always cheering me up.

    This is too cute....Sure, rib transplants are cool.

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    Male to female only.

  • neil s
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    1 decade ago

    It's considered adultery.

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    it's an essential step in every sex-change operation, which is why they can only be done in pairs.

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    They aren't covered by insurance because they are known as "acts of god".

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