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KitKat asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Great Dane/Eskimo Spitz mix?

I want a Dane so bad I can't stand soon as we fence our backyard, I'll be looking. Anyway, while scouring through the paper yesterday, my husband came across an ad for a dane/spitz mix. I can't even imagine what that thing would look like! I told him it might be worth calling just to see what it actually looks like.

If anyone has any pictures of one, could you send me a link?


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    a big furry dog. maybe it will look like a pony. lol

    my guess is that it will be smaller than a dane, will bark a lot, will be very intelligent with a curled tail.

  • Cate
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    1 decade ago

    Is it a Dane/Eskimo/Spitz mix or just a Dane/ Spitz mix? Eskimo I thought is seperate breed all together......more like the husky dogs are.

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