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Do these facts about Obama worry you? Obama is the reason why The Beatles broke up and blamed it on Yoko Ono?

He also owns every ablum ever released by Menudo, New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys.


oh i forgot... Please think before you vote. Thank you.

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    OH DEAR!!!!!

    I thought Obama raped motherless puppies owned by small children with cancer.

    That's what *I* heard.

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    No, he has not yet given a reason for breaking up the Beatles, though many suspect that as the election heats up he will be forced to reveal his motivations for doing so. Personally, I think he did it in the best interest of the American people (or at least he thought that's what he was doing), saving us from Brittish influence and possible re-conquest as they've been trying to reclaim the "lost American colonies" for some time now.

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    Now I'm really worried.

    Can I copy and paste this to 50 of my closest friends? I'll even include a picture of a sleeping puppy at the bottom and a message that says whoever forwards it to at least 10 people within 10 minutes their wish will come true.....

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    Look that's been blown all out of proportion. The reason he broke up the Beatles is because when it comes down to it, he's just a huge fan of Wings. Ah, the sweet strains of Linda McCartney...

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    Does violating commandments worry you? There is one about bearing false witness.

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    I heard he also introduced Sid Vicious to Nancy.

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    Um those facts are too unbelievable to believe in so no.

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    I know he can't do anything right!

    Obama 2008

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    And you know these things, because...?

    You sold your albums to him?

    Just one possibility I can think of.

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    Where did you get those FACTS?


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