MySQL vs. MS Access?

Is there a big difference between Access and MySQL? I'm learning Access in a class but will need to know MySQL later for a web project. Will it be hard to learn MySQL after learning Access?


Can I save a database using Access in a format that MySQL can use? Or is it hard to build one and change it over?

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    1 decade ago
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    Access will be great for introducing you to SQL. The syntax will be nearly the same, MySql might appear harder at first because the UI is more complex, and it's server based as opposed to stand alone like Access. MySql, and even SQL Server, are much more powerful.

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    Are you going to host a MySQL DB or get someone to host it for you? As your looking at two different beasts. Access is an all in one database. MySQL is just the database. Or to put it it in very layman terms the table only version of Access.(yes I am aware that the analogy ends there and there is a 1000's other differences). Unless your goig to use MySQL to host the data for the Access front end (Linked tables) using ODBC Which will improve nothing. Infact it will slow it down. I would rethink your stratagy a bit.

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    1 decade ago

    Are you learning Access, or are you learning SQL?

    Knowing how to make Access work has nothing to do with knowing the SQL language, which is what you'll need for just about any other database, including MySQL. At least study the SQL panel for every query you learn, until you can do all your queries directly in SQL - MySQL has no drag&drop facility to build queries with (although you can still build them in Access and copy the code to whatever you're using for MySQL)..

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    For the most part transitioning wont be that huge, MySQL is much more powerful, but Access is much more mobile. They both use the SQL language.

    That is of course if you're talking about using them for programs, if you're talking about using front ends, MySQL doesn't really have one, at least not one that is user friendly. You'll need a piece of software over the top of that to make it friendly like Access (... as friendly as it is...).

    Personally I've only ever used Access as a database like MySQL, I forget it has a fancy front end for database management.

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    Access is a program more like Word. You start access and open files in it. Mysql is not a program that you use to open and view a database. It is a server that sends the data to a client.

    Mysql is built around a client/server model.

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    mysql is designed for websites using php as a possible interface for logging into the mysql server, a lot of sql is wrote in command lines rather than a graphical click and point interface like msaccess

    there are tools out there than can speed up writing queries but most are not free.

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