three main types insects?

my science teacher says there are three main types of insects. What are they?

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    There are three subclasses of insects (which is what I think your teacher is refering to):


    These are wingless insects and their body structure suggests that they have never had wings during their evolutionary history. Young stages resemble the adults - little or no metamorphosis.



    These are winged insects, although some have lost their wings during the course of evolution.When present, the wings develop externally and there is no marked change (metamorphosis) during the life cycle. The young stages, called nymphs, resemble the adults except in size and in lacking fully-developed wings - simply metamorphosis.



    These are winged insects, although some have lost their wings during the course of evolution. When present, the wings develop internally (i.e. inside the body of the immature insect) and there is a marked change (metamorphosis) during the life cycle. The young stages are very different from the adults and are called larvae. The change from larva to adult takes place during a non-feeding stage called the pupa (or chrysalis) - complex metamorphosis.

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    Types Of Insects

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    You find out the basis of this classification

    First, whether it relates to types of mouth parts like biting and chewing types, sponging types, piercing and sucking types.

    Second, whether it relates to the mode of development: paurometabolous, hemimetabolous, endometabolous

    Third, whether it is based on the manner of emergence of wings,

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    Their are many types of insects. You need to be more specific. Are you talking about Social insects (bees, ants, Termites). Are you taking about bio mass (abundance) beetles, flies and hemipterans. Are you talking about morphism: butterflies (complete metamorphosis), Cock roaches (gradual metamorphosis) and Fire brats (simple metamorphosis). Other possible categories could consist of agricultural importance (pollination=honey bee), Medical importance(Malaria=mosquito's), Urban pest (cock roaches), structural pest (Carpenter ants, termites).

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    Biting, stinging, sucking.

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