hot tub gunk?

i hesitate to call it scum because it isn't typical deposit. It is yellow/beige and gluelike in consistency. the chemical upkeep has been regular, and no one has used it in several months.The deposit is at the waterline and my elbow grease is gone from scrubbing with nonscratch pad. I also notice a light powdery type coating on all underwater surfaces. Anyone know what it is and how to keep it gone? My tub has an auto clean cycle. thanks

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    The light powdery substance is "Scale" which is the Calcium Chloride that is used for making the water hard. That only happens when you pH has gotten higher then you want or need it to be. 7.7+ It will not harm you. Adjust your pH lower -7.4 to 7.3 Now the buildup is not getting caught in your filter as it should. I suspect you might be using Baquaspa or Softsoak chemicals with a "waterline control"? If you are that is causing it. Spa Essentials make a one time disposal ack of cleaner that easily removes it with no scrubbing. Which I don't want you using an abrasive like you are on the shell. It will cause the algae to be able to easier "grab" hold of the shell and grow. The filters must be cleaned with a filter cleaner. That is a mild acid that will clean the calcium off the filter and everything else. Do not use Muriatic acid. It eats the fiber. The spray on kind is the best and you can get it at Lowe's for 5 bucks if your here in the states. Invest in a "Spa bug" (I like the brand ZORBIE), which is a sponge that will help absorb all of the oils and skin residue instead of it getting trapped in the filters. BY the way...Use distilled vinegar to clean out your tub. Cheapest nicest way to do it. I tell everyone to run a half gal. for one cycle just before they drain the spa and rinse once aftwerwards.

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    No, unless you are staying in for longer than 20 minutes at a time. That can lead to dehydration and in extreme cases kidney damage etc. Also, if you are a man, studies have shown that hot tub use significantly decreases your fertility, but this has also been shown to be reversible (just stop using the hot tube and you will be back to normal after ~ 3 months).

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    I call it smutz. Since your system hasn't been used for awhile, are you sure the ozonator is working (assuming you have one)? that's the UV light that kills organisms.

    Also you could be getting some mystery grown in the plumbing down under. A product made for spa tubs might be in order:

    Not all the spa chemicals work on the plumbing down low.

    I assume you've changed water, cleaned tub and you still have this problem returning quickly.

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    two things

    shower before you use the hot tub

    change the water once a month.

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