Hollyoaks Goss?

Does Any1 have any new hollyoaks goss i love the soap and would like to know sum of the spoilers thanks


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    Wednesday 5th March

    Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) insists Carmel (Gemma Merna) find out who attacked Nana (Diane Langton) while still blaming her for grassing on Myra (Nicole Barber-Lane). Rhys (Andrew Moss) tells Beth (Sinead Moynihan) that the thought of her sleeping with his best mate is driving him mad. Amy (Ashley Slanina-Davies), Ste (Kieron Richardson) and Leah are left in the dark when the electricity goes off. When Ste is caught trying to steal Carmel's purse he lies that Leah has leukaemia. Kris (Gerard McCarthy) laughs off John Paul's (James Sutton) attempts to set up a Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Society as an attempt to recruit fresh totty, and challenges him to a contest. Dir: Nicholas Ferguson; Writer: Perrie Balthazar; Prod Co: Lime

    Thursday 6th March

    Ste (Kieron Richardson) is desperate to stop his lie from spreading round the village, but Kris (Gerard McCarthy) broadcasts his thoughts about leukaemia, and his support for the Barnes family, on the radio. John Paul (James Sutton) worries that he is being stalked by Toby (Craig Daniel Adams). Following their close shave with Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe), Rhys (Andrew Moss) and Beth (Sinead Moynihan) worry about the implications of being caught: losing Rhys's best friend and family and possibly ending up in prison. Frankie (Helen Pearson) worries about Newt's (Nico Mirallegro) developing relationship with Lauren (Dominique Jackson) and encourages Jack (James McKenna) to have a man-to-man chat about sex. Dir: Nicholas Ferguson; Writers: Johanne McAndrew, Elliot Hope; Prod Co: Lime

    Friday 7th March

    Ste (Kieron Richardson) begs Amy (Ashley Slanina-Davies) not to reveal the truth about Leah, so when Mike (Tony Hirst) turns up desperate to see his granddaughter, Amy tells him that she is very sick in hospital. John Paul (James Sutton) is thrilled when he gets a text message from Kieron (Jake Hendriks) saying he's on his way home. Sarah (Loui Batley) is angry with her dad for spending too much time with Zoe (Zoë Lister) while Leah was sick. And Lauren (Dominique Jackson) and Newt (Nico Mirallegro) each think that the other wants to have sex. Newt worries as she fascinates him with her notions of the perfect place to make love. Dir: Nicholas Ferguson; Writer: Jesse O'Mahoney;

  • Judy
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    5 years ago

    max dies, go on hollyoaks website, or digitalspy loads of goss on them

  • 1 decade ago

    Go to www.digitalspy.co.uk. It has some great spoilers on hollyoaks, and loads of your other fave shows. hope it's useful.

  • 1 decade ago

    go to the hollyoaks website it's good for spoilers

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  • Emma B
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    i think Justin is leaving (which is a shame)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    max dies!!

    and tina is pregnant, but its with russ' baby!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    as if justin is leaving... well he will be back, they always are

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