How do I get help launching a new invention?

So I have an idea for an invention, more like a tool for companies to use to help track certain customers (Forgive me, I dont want to get too much into the details of exactly what it does). But Im not sure where to start, or who to talk to about actually builidng this tool. I dont have the funding or "know-how" or tools to build it. Just an idea, and what it will do.

I pretty much would need help builidnig a hand held device (think PDA) and a website to where information entered into this PDA device is compiled onto a permanent database that helps dissect this information and sort it in a managable fashion)

anyh help?

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    If you have an idea for an invention, before you build a prototype, before you contact a patent attorney, evaluate "Will it sell".

    If you don't have this book, you need to buy this book. It costs about $20.00. If you think 20.00 is too much to risk on the book then you don't have anywhere near the money to develop your idea.

    No kidding, you MUST READ this book. I had lots of good ideas and this book showed me how to avoid wasting my time on ideas that would not sell. It will save you a lot of time and money on items that either already exist or won't sell. It turns out ideas are plentiful and cheap, and there's no point spending time on an idea that won't get to market.

    The book is "Will It Sell? How to Determine If Your Invention Is Profitably Marketable (Before Wasting Money on a Patent) "

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    Your question is alittle vague to direct you . I do undersstand why their are little details though. The one piece of advice that I can add is this. Have your idea / invention trade marked BEFORE you seek funding or tell too many people about it. Trade marking it insures that you own it and the rights to its use. The patent takes along time, thats why you will see companys with a product that is already being sold under "Patent Pending". You should also incorporate and become an entity of some sort. s-corp if you arent going to sell shares of your company.

    Richard J. Navarrete CEO

    The Millionaire Employee TM.

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    There are too many of these type of data bases now. Any company can find customers, outlets, supliers, franchises, in seconds on their computers. Something would have to be sensational and far reaching to compete with what already exists. If you think you have that "tool" then try people like mobile phone manufacturers. They are all in business to make money.

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    microsoft ask them

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