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Pro choice or Anti choice? Abortion?

I feel like the Anti abortion people aren't getting the point. They say they are pro life, but so is a lot of people on pro choice. I am pro choice and it doesn't mean that I am going to have an abortion. It means i think just because i won't have one doesn't mean i can tell someone else not to have one. It's about freedom of choice! So don't label me a pro death person or i have no morals. It's all about freedom. And once the government starts to take control over if you should have a baby or not that's when the word freedom in america will disappear. What do you think about the subject? Pro Choice or Anti Choice?


I see a lot of religion marks? Where are you religious people when it comes to Darfur or the war in Iraq. God said don't shed blood, but yet many christians shed blood in God's name. So no more religious comments. Just what's ethical and morally right for a person.

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    Pro choice and anti abortion. The goal should be as little abortions as possible but the choice should be available. Outlawing abortions, making them illegal does not guarantee fewer abortions but does cause more women to suffer and die thanks to unsafe back alley procedures.

    Ironically a lot of pro life people are also against preservatives while in my view good open sex education and easy access to birth control is the biggest way to prevent abortions from happening

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    I agree with you about the need to have the "option" to have an abortion. But I disagree that that it is just a "choice" for the sake of freedom.

    I've been through an abortion myself (legal), and it's not fun at all.

    Let me explain:

    Abortion is the least desirable way to end a pregnancy. The best way is not to get pregnant at all.

    I support abortion when:

    * The mom or the baby's life or quality of life is in danger.

    * The pregnancy is the product of rape of some kind.

    * The "parents" are not able to give a good life to that baby and there are no safe/good ways of adoption in their community.

    I find that it is better to avoid pregnancy using all the methods available today. If that is impossible or the pregnancy is product of a rape or an "accident", the abortion is one of the "options" you may choose. Adoption is the other.

    I agree with you that nobody (not only in America, remember we are a world, we have only one planet for all and we are all human beings, before being Americans, Canadians, South Americans or Asians), should have the power to tell you if you are allowed or not to have an abortion. You need to have options. You need to know the consequences of choosing either way (abortion, adoption or raising the child yourself), ALL the consequences: financial, psychological, social, related to your health and your future and that of the child.

    I feel that if we as a society accept abortion, we need to be mature enough to handle the consequences of that, and we have to educate our children. It's not fun. It's not that you go and have irresponsible sex with anybody when you are 14 because you know you have the "abortion" option.

    And it's good that boys know that too. It's not fun to tell your girlfriend that you are not mature enough to have and raise a baby, so go and have an abortion.

    I think the whole thing is much more complex that just be pro or anti abortion. We need to talk about responsibility and education, we need to talk about consequences and we need to talk about the responsibility that comes with that "freedom".

    Take care

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    Another way to ask this Question:

    Pro child Murder or Anti child Murder?

    At Some point, the fetus becomes a human life, and should be afforded all the rights as a human. When exactly IS that? I would venture to say, that if the fetus has both a heartbeat And brainwaves (Can be easily detected using a fetal EEG) then what you have is a baby human, and no longer a congealed mass of cells. These both are usually present by 12-15th week. Before that point, well... there is no human, so go ahead. But After that point ( and this should be by case by case basis, as everyone's pregnancy is different) Aborting that fetus is actually committing Baby Murder.... In my opinion. And Let's get real here... If you cant make up your mind by 15 weeks.... then you become responsible for having that child.

    Addendum: Any Case of rape or where the mother's Life is at risk if the baby is carried to term must also allow the abortion

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    Personally, I'm pro-choice up to about 4 or 4 1/2 months.

    But don't lose sight of the fact that those who are anti-choice are that way because they actually do believe that it is murder. They must oppose. There is no choice in that matter.

    Can a fetus at 5 1/2 months suffer and feel pain? I'm sure of it. So I see it as murder.

    Is a fertilized egg a true human being? (or an early embryo?) The only reason to believe so is religion. So I'd rather that our laws place no restrictions on choice at that point.

    Seems to me that we could avoid a lot of arguing (and even violence) if we would decide once-and-for-all "is an early embryo or fetus a human being?"

    Of course "Roe vs Wade" in essence did decide that question. One might argue that those who oppose are undermining existing law.

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    I think abortion changes the human condition and how we look at life to a perverted degree. When responsibility is tossed aside for convenience, we need to question the direction we go in. I used to be pro-choice, choice sounds great, and if I got a girl pregnant I'd prefer not to be a father or pay child support. But then I realized what is necessary to have that choice, and the truth is murdering a life. I liken my initial thoughts to those born in the post-civil war south, the people that oppressed blacks were taught this is the way, and to this day some STILL do not question that mentality, when most of us can see it's wrong and understand why.

    You can say "well don't do it, but let others choose" or "it's not your business, respect my privacy" but really the rate of abortions amounts to genocide, and I cannot in good conscience brush this aside and ignore it.

    btw, I'm agnostic, not religious, haven't been for 10 years, and I was pro-choice when I was religious.

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    I am for the choice of the states to regulate this on their own! Letting the Supreme Court (appointed judges with no accountability) essentially write a federal law would have Jefferson and co. ROLLING in their graves..

    REPEAL ROE VS WADE and let the people decide! STATE'S RIGHTS BABY!

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    pro choice is the only human choice. "pro life" people dont really care about the mother or what kind of situation she would be in raising a child! if you would be willing to support that family for 18 years or rather, support a prisoner in our justice system, only then could i justify the "pro life" position. i really dont understand why people are so firkin afraid of death! just because YOU dont want to die and YOU are afraid of death, doesnt mean that a baby who would end up living in foster care his whole youth and be killed in gang violence at 23 would not rather die and pick a better life next time through the cycle. the whole "pro life" movement is based on the faulty assumption that you only live once... imo.

    in any case, i will agree with the "pro lifers" on one point. Roe V. Wade oversteps the jurisdiction of the federal government (via 10th amendment) and the decision on the legality of abortion should be left to the states.

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    Anti choice?? How about Anti killing instead??

    You do have a choice, it is before you get pregnant or get someone pregnant. It's called BIRTH CONTROL, everyone HAS a CHOICE they can use it Or not use it. That is a choice.

    Abortions for the purpose of Birth Control is just wrong on ALL levels.

    Make the choice BEFORE getting pregnant. (use birth control)

    I support abortions for those with health problems, rape victims and incest/ sexual abuse victims.

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    I'm pro-choice, not because I actually like abortion, but because I believe that more lives will be saved if abortion is legal. After all, if we make abortion illegal, it won't end all abortions. Instead, desperate women and girls will resort to getting illegal abortions in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Sadly, in such situations, not only do the fetuses die, but the mothers often do, as well. If we can't save the fetuses, we can at least save the mothers!

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    what about the rights and freedoms of the preborn? When does a person become a person with rights? The gov't never told you, "have a baby" like you say; you had sex and don't want to be responsible.

    America is in a sorry state. We have a horrific genocide going on. One day, people will look back, and shudder just like they do about Nazi Germany, Pol Pot in Cambodia, etc. Abortion in America

    Source(s): btw, it's not legal in all countries, ie, Thailand ya buddhists aren't that open-minded
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