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New invention?

Hi i have this idea to make something useful that involves an alarm clock and routines. I have no idea of how to build the item so how would i go about getting somoene to design it and manufacturing it?

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    Pay some engineering college students to do the work for you. Try placing an ad in, and the career center at all the local colleges, saying you want engineering interns, and then interview to find the best to hire. It may take some time to get the product out the door since they will be learning as they go.

    If you are really serious, you can hire "real" engineers to get the job done. But you will be paying maybe $60/hour.

    Before you do any of this, make sure you have done your homework or you will go broke really fast.

    You should have a very specific description of your invention. How big it is, how it works (technology), what kind of power it takes (plug in or batteries), how the user makes it work (which buttons do what), and expected price to manufacture, just to name a few. You should also know how much people will pay for it and it better be more than the price to manufacture it.

    And then also search to see if someone has already done any of the work (or if it is already a product). You said your product is an alarm clock --- for example, maybe it does something like this project : and .

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