I need job help, please?

I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Currently I am 20 years old working as a security officer. I can't stand this job. Also it's very unstable. During the summer, all of the workers are laid-off. We'll, I was talking to a couple of temp agencies and they said they cannot help me since I am already employed. They felt it may jeopardize my current job. I would like to in a library but the only available positions are librarians and they require a degree. I'm planing on going to college soon as well. What do I do? I'm not good with working with customers due to my Social Anxiety disorder. Can anybody help me?


I don't want to be a librarian, I would like to work in a library because it is quiet.

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    Job searching can definitely be a pain. Here are the best sites I have found on the web in my constant digging for employment. I hope it helps.

    Monster- This is a well organized site because it allows you to select multiple jobs and locations at one time, avoiding the hassle of remembering what you have and haven't searched through, but it's sometimes slow and if you explore other sites it becomes apparent that their selection is lacking.

    Indeed- I have a love hate relationship with Indeed. At this site you type in any word of interest, or ones that you feel will link you to a job that you would enjoy, and the location you wish to work at. Indeed often digs up intriguing jobs other sites miss, but it also redisplays the same job seven zillion times because it is pulling things from all across the web.

    CareerBuilder- Here, even when you go to it's advanced stage you can only choose one job at a time, so if you are interested in multiple categories- like nursing and non profit or journalism and advertising you are forced to do them separately, often showing you jobs repeatedly. Here, you will need to go to advanced stage if you have more than one thing you want to look at. (It's right under your location choice.) It gives you the ability to show 40 jobs per page and select 20 locations and job options.

    Yahoo!Hotjobs- This is super quick, but it is also super small- even after it ate up the Houston Chronicle. It just never seems to be as helpful as other search engines.

    Ok, now here's the truth, large search engines are helpful, but they've got nothing on hunting down areas that interest you. Everyone and their brother is on the internet now, with sites advocating beliefs, and web pages created to support their causes. Looking at specific sites, like hospitals, volunteer organizations, colleges, or even the local news station can be incredibly helpful. I've seen everything from kitchen staff to grant writers to public relations experts and photographers needed while scanning the want ads.

    There are also sites like journalismjobs and churchstaffing honed towards specific areas of interest.

    I hope this has been useful- good luck and happy hunting!!

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    Why would you want to work in a library with your disorder? That makes no sense at all.

    You should find a different temp agency, and explain to them that your goals include leaving your current position for something more desirable.

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    Start taking courses via internet....distance learning

    How can you work in a library if you don't like dealing with customers? Try college/university libraries to see if you can work and learn at the same time.

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    do not basically telephone. bypass to a potential artwork place in individual. additionally, gown the way you will in case you have been going to start working there precise once you walk in. Be helpful interior the interview, and look the interviewer interior the attention.

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    Due to your Social Anxiety disorder

    I would sign up for dis-ably income.

    At that time they will pay for your schooling and help you get your degree.

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