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How to check pan card details if we have got only the pan card number?

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It is not passable to check the details of a PAN card with PAN number.

Only the Income tax department and the PAN card issuing authorized agents NSDL and UTITSL are authorized persons to view the details of PAN either with PAN number or with name or with address etc., If you know any one of them, then they may help you.

How to apply for a Duplicate PAN card ?

You need to fill a form named: "Request for new PAN card or/and changes or correction in PAN data". This form is ment for obtaining fresh PAN card with old PAN number in case if the original PAN card was lost and also for correcting the mistakes in names, data of birth and mistakes in address or change of address. More details are in the below website:


Applying for a Duplicate PAN card is almost like applying for a fresh card. The application form will cost Rs.5/- and you have to pay Rs.67 as fee. Produce address proof again, again a new photo etc. Do not change your name, your fathers name and your date of birth if the same is correct in the lost PAN card. Otherwise you can change them if they are not correct.

Where to get forms & apply: (Find your nearest agent)

In the rules it is written to obtain a Police FIR for obtaining a duplicate PAN card. But it is not necessary. Do not take the risk of obtaining Police FIR.

But if your problem is to apply for a duplicate pan card, then read the following:
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  • chaina answered 7 years ago
    Its not necessary for check details of your PAN card dut to important is your PAN No. is printed on your card and your name is also printed your photograph, your DOB is also so this your totally Identification shown anyway you log on to incometaxindia site and choose PAN and submit your details asked by site your information is display on screen.


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  • Anthony answered 1 year ago
  • amal answered 7 years ago
    visit incometaxindia site and under Pan you will have the details.
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  • Ashwani V answered 1 year ago
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  • How to check pan card details if we have got only the pan card number?
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