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U.S. launches air strike in Somalia?

It never ends......

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    actually this is really sad, They went WAY overboard in launching an AIR MISSILE just to get this ONE person who they say is a suspect Al Quaida terrorist. This no one other than Bush starting some mess.To be honest I think that it is some type of ploy on his part to stay office as President. Let me explain: In 1972 President Nixon signed into law by Executive Order, The National Emergency Preparedness Act, which combined all previous laws plus added a few provisions such as: Any action deemed a threat to national security, be it economic, an act of war, or a natural disaster, gives a president full powers for six months without consulting Congress. The federal government at the request of the president can legally confiscate any & all property, take over banking, commerce, transportation, corporations, communications, the media, & put any legal or illegal resident into camps who are deemed a threat to this nation in any way, shape, or form. The NRA will like this one: The federal government can also confiscate all guns. The government can also freeze or confiscate all checking, savings, & investment accounts.Matter of fact, after just thinking about it I believe now, a new directive that President Bush signed quietly has raised questions on both sides of the political fence about how much unchecked power the president has given himself in times of emergency.

    The directive Bush signed in May of last yr.outlines a new plan for what would happen in the U.S. in the event of a "catastrophic" national emergency

    I found this out in 1976 when the plans for globalization first came to my attention. Since, I have wondered which president would implement this law, and President Bush is probably "the" one to do it. I figure that one of the reasons he isn't all that concerned by his poll numbers or the way his actions while in office have affected not only this nation but the Republican party as well, is because he does intend to implement all or part of the National Emergency Act prior to the expiration of his term in office. Congress will be dissolved and if he does it in the fall of this yr. there will be no national elections.Our standing president and his administration have grossly damaged the integrity of his office in the name of "security", but in reality have used these extreme and ultimately unlawful acts to extend their power past the limits that the founding fathers would have ever accepted or allowed. I hope that the integrity of the office and the country can be restored, by judicial or congressional actions, or through future elections by a better educated population.

    The idea that Pres. Bush has expanded his emergency powers without reference to either Congress, the Courts, or the People ("they need no explanation") sounds way too much like what Hilter did in 1934 in Germany and what other would-be dictators do when nobody is looking! When will someone in a position of elected trust take constitutional steps to do something about this man's attempts to undermine our democratic way of life? This is supposed to be a constitutional government "of the people, by the people and for the people." What it is increasingly looking like is a government "of Bush, by Bush and for Bush."

    I sincerely believe that Mr. Bush will simply declare a "national emergency" and deem it too dangerous to hold elections during a "time of war" and, at that time, implement all aspects of the The National Emergency Preparedness Act.I fear our country is fast becoming a police state, with nothing we can do to stop it. Unfortunately, this give the President the power to extend his time in office if something happens before a new President takes office! Gives you something to think about huh?

    Source(s): Sorry for my ranting....but im so disgusted with this...."Always be suspicious of anything a politician does that doesn't include a press release." The new directive: and
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    Nobody cares.

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    Where did you come up with this fantasy But if they did it is way over due

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