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What is the best dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

Both of my dogs tend to vomit, vets say there is nothing wrong with them, but I have heard changing their dog food to one for sensitive stomachs may help. Do you have any advice?


Neither of my dogs eat fast or too much. Both are very healthy weight wise. Female Husky 50 pounds and Male Pekingese is 14 pounds.

Update 2:

They were eating a holistic dog food but they stopped around the time of the pet food recall. They just wouldn't eat it anymore. So we switched them to Iams.

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    Iams is horrible.

    The best food for sensitive stomachs is California Natural. IT is for sensitive stomachs that is the purpose of the food.

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    My black lab has a really sensitive system also. The only foods she seems to be able to tolerate are California Natural and Purina One-without getting extremely gassy, diarrhea, and dry heaves. California natural is an excellent food. We've been feeding it for many years-but it's expensive. We also had a dog with food allergies that did excellently on it. Call around because a lot of pet stores have a frequent buyer program (like buy 9 bags get the 10th free) and at nearly $40 a bag, that will save you! As an alternative, you might also look into BARF diets. (It's not puke-it's Bones And Natural Foods) where you give the dog meat bones to eat and natural foods. You can make it yourself or buy it premade. (the premade is also expensive). If you have the time to make it, it could be a good thing. (You can make it in bulk and then freeze it, too, btw) I have 3 dogs and we tried BARF with them. The one with the sensitive stomach did well after the adjustment period (for the first week or so they could get loose stools due to the difference between the natural and the processed)-but we discontinued the BARF since the dogs were getting greedy and posessive about their raw bones where they'd want to fight. If you only have one dog, this shouldn't be a problem. Good luck!

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    I would go with California Natural or Solid Gold barking at the moon. Both would be very good for a dog with a sensitive stomach and they are both excellent foods.

    Stay away from Iams and Science Diet, not good healthy choices.

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    There are many different dog foods made specially for dogs with sensitive stomachs. What are the available ones depends on where you live, my advice is to ask your vet for a few suggestions. Buy smaller packages and see if they help. Sometimes just switching to a better quality food works... What are you feeding them now?

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    I agree with the California Natural recommendation.

    It really is the best for sensitive stomachs and will do wonders for a dogs coat and overall health. You really couldn't get a better food than this.

    The ingredients are simple and no corn or crap like Iams. Don't feed your dog grocery store food.

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    Royal Canin is the best food you can ever give your sensitive dog. I have a sensitive maltipoo she has a weak stomac and I switched from Nature's Choice, to Ultra to Royal Canin, the transition was not that bad. The reason I picked Royal Canin was b/c my friend recommended it but also I researched it and found that their selection is pretty good and specific. So if you want a shiny coat, have an elderly dog, a poodle, a yorkie, etc. they have food specifically tailored to the dog and the dog's needs.

    I use mini special b/c its easy for the dog to digest without any side effects like diarrea or vomitting.

    good luck.

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    I have kept rescue lurchers who also have sensitive stomachs after they were found starved. The best food i found was frozen White fish blocks which you defrost and cook and add a mixer biscuit and cooked fresh vegetables. You can also use the frozen chicken blocks too cooked.

    Another thing we used, but i don't know whether you can get it where you are is Naturediet. It has vegetables in it and they do one with fish and rice for dogs with sensitive stomachs. We used this for our dogs with mixer biscuit too. Try the following link about the food.

    Source(s): i have experience in keeping dogs with allergies . I also have experience of working in a pet retail warehouse where learning about individual foods and ingredience was vital to to stop pet problems. I am certifed in pet care management
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    It depends on what they are sensitive to.

    The top 5 allergens that you want to avoid are:

    Corn,beef, dairy, soy, wheat.

    There are several commercial dog foods out there with limited ingredients.

    Wellness, Sensible choice (lamb and rice), California Natural all have limited ingredient foods.

    I believe Exclusive also has limited ingredients as well: but you have to check on that as I have not used that brand myself.

    Also look into canidae and Solid Gold. I have had a lot of luck with that food as well. Good luck!

    p.s. Science Diet had corn as a main ingerdient the last time I checked, so be careful about using it. My pup had violent gi episodes on that food, needless to say, I never recc. it!

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    Science Diet. My Bichon who died last year had a sensitive stomach her entire life. I had a great vet who recommended Science Diet for different stages of her life. It was the only brand she would keep down.

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    i would stop feeding iams, it is not a good food. try wellness, it is a good food and not as high as what i feed my girls. i feed solid gold, and it does cost more, but is a food i trust. chicken soup, canidae, blue buffalo, merrick, and taste of the wild are good foods also. stay away from science diet, and the cheap foods like alpo, pedigree, and of course...ol-roy { nasty crap }. try a salmon formula if possible, i hear it is better for the sensitive tummy!!!

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