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Im 14, 161 cm. lil chubby. Is there any way that I could grow a lot taller, lose weight and get stronger.?

IN a short period of time.

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    at 14, for a girl its entirely possible that you may only have a cm or two before you are the height you'll always be. dont worry about that tho, short is awesome! we get the tall guys and the short ones. anyway-when ur at school, dont eat the stuff they serve in the canteen-its usually junk. bring your own food, cut up vegies, fruit and dont drink softdrink-its high in calories. only water if u can help it. take up a sport too or do a short run in the mornings to kickstart your metabolism. if u eat well, you'll naturally get stronger. also-don't skip meals or BREAKFAST! good luck

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    well obviously you can't make yourself grow, but since you're only 14, i think it's very safe to say that you're not fully grown yet.

    you could lose weight and beef up though, if you wanted to. just watch what you eat. obviously don't eat a lot of junk food. snack of fruits and vegetables. drink water. make sure you're getting all your vitamins and nutrients, though. also, you could start working out. running. playing sports. anything active. just don't overdo it. everything in moderation.

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    ---to lose weight

    water, fruit, vegetable diet...

    ---to be stronger

    exercise... start with jogging and lots of walking... you could also wear wrist and ankle weights

    ---to grow taller

    stretch your body more... drink growth medicine (it will be quite effective at your age)...

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