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我學lcci主要係想學定一d acc既基礎知識,希望自己大學時跟得好d,同埋想有一技旁身


其實大學學既acc同lcci 0個d又有咩唔同?

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    Honest Speaking, if you want to go on your study in the University. It does not make sense for you to study and take the LCCI examination. All the syllabus covered in LCCI will be included in that of the University.

    If you don't continue your study and want to find an accounting job in the commericial field, then the LCCI examination might be useful.

    The main difference between acct in University and LCCI is that the latter one mainly focused on the application i.e. how to keep an account and prepare a financial statement. The acct course in University is obviously much broader. One thing you have and should know is that studying acct is not simply to study one subject (accounting). You have to study other subjects as well such as law, economics, computering .....

    Source(s): own experience
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