Is there any runescape3?

Is there any runescape3?(my runescape accout is bryan1122333 and lvl77:P)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    首先,現時的runescape只有runescape classic(下稱rsc,rsc現時只作有限度的開放,並且已永久停止申請新account)和runescape(下稱rs)。


    因此,現時還未有runescape 3,短期內亦不見得會推出runescape 3。

    題外話,依照rsc過版到rs 的經驗,2者雖然很相似但不完全有關係。不見得現時的玩家可以直接過渡到新的平台(如有)。比方說,我在rs中的cb lvl 是100,不代表我在rsc中的cb自動成為100。想起來,令人又愛又恨耶。

  • 1 decade ago

    沒有 runescape3!


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  • 1 decade ago

    no!, there is no runescape 3 ,

    the first runescape is now called runescape classic ,

    the runescape we r playing now is runescape 2,

    but b4 , there is rumour about the runescape 3 ,

    jagex have already told that they have not got runescape 3 .

    and what ppl talk about runescape 3 website is actually a virus website which hack ur account ,

    so dun believe in them ,once u r in it ,it will start hacking ur pw ,

    but i heard from someone that jagex is going to provide a runescape like game in wii and nds,

    but i m not quite sure about this =p

    hope this could clear ur mind

    amy rs ac is lynnpang,lvl 84=)

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