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材料 (約7-10碗) :

粘米粉 80g

澄麵粉 70g

片糖 250g

清水 650ml

紅豆 30g

製法 :

1. 紅豆洗淨用大窩清水浸泡約2小時,深鍋燒水半升,水滾下紅豆慢火烚約一小時至豆稔,隔起煮豆水備用(煮豆水留用).

2. 將粘米粉及澄麵粉同篩勻兩次,加入250ml的清水充分拌勻成粉漿.

3. 量煮豆水400ml下鍋把片糖煮溶(豆水份量不足可加入清水),隨即把粉漿沖入片糖水中立即關掉爐火.並不斷攪拌成稀糊狀即可,在小碗上塗油再注入八分滿粉糊,加入一湯匙紅豆.

4. 排放在蒸鍋內以大火力蒸約15-20分鐘即可。

5. 取出倒轉放在碟子上稍為待涼(碗和碟中間放一隻筷子"long"起讓熱氣蒸發),進食時用竹籤挑起即可.

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    Materials (approximately 7-10 bowl):

    Sticks rice noodle 80g

    Clear bread flour 70g

    Sugar pieces 250g

    Clear water 650ml

    Red bean 30g


    1. The red bean cleaning with the big nest clear water immersion 2 hours, the pot boils water approximately half litre, the water rolls down red bean slow fire 烚 approximately for one hour to the bean harvest, separates boils the bean water spare (to boil bean water to hold for use).

    2. Will stick the rice noodle and the clear bread flour with sieves uniform two times, joins 250ml the clear water to mix evenly the wheat-flour paste fully.

    3. The quantity boils bean water 400ml to put into the pot the sugar pieces boils dissolves (bean moisture quantity to be possible insufficient to join clear water), breaks in the wheat-flour paste in the piece syrup to switch off immediately immediately the furnace fire. And stirs thinly unceasingly pappy then, spreads the oil on the small bowl to pour into eight point Man Fenhu again, joins a soupspoon red bean.

    4. The emissions steams approximately 15-20 minute in the sauce pan by the big firepower then.

    5. Takes out reverses places on the dish to treat cool (among slightly the bowl and the small dish puts chopsticks " long" Gets up lets the steam evaporation), when feed shoulders with the bamboo slip then.

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