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Forecast Balance Sheet

想問下forecast balance sheet 係咪即係 budgeted/pro forma balance sheet.做叉係咪一樣?


我既assignment 係要求做 prepare a forecast balance sheet of 31 Dec 2003 and a trading and profit and loss account for the six months then ended.之前題目就要求做一個cash budget for 6 months period ended 31 Dec 2003

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  • 思公
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    Forecast balance sheet 即 budgeted balance sheet for future.

    因為 Cash budget 只考慮有Cash的交易, 不其他non-cash items, 包括accrued items 及 depreciation等, 所以只要加上那些有時間差異的項目, 便可完成 budgeted Balance Sheet 及 budgeted P&L.

  • Thomas
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    Forcast Blance sheet=budgeted balance sheet.

    1. you can prepare the cash forcast, revenue forcast, expenses forcast in order to prepare the budgeted balance sheet.

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