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姊姊要我練習英文幫他寫信給外國教授請他幫忙寫推薦信,但我英文不好 :(





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    Dear professor XXX: This is XXX, do u still remember me? It's been a long time, since I had your classical literature class when I was in second grade of college! I'm planing to go to British for studying effect sales master degree recently ,in next year! I would like to ask you to write a recommendation for me, it will be very helpful to my admission! Sorry for the bothering! Thank you very much!

    這封信,寫給外國人,基本上完全沒有可能被接受,除非是很要好的朋友,才會幫這種忙!你姊懶的寫,要你練英文,結果你懶的練,來這求解答,這樣好像會有點惡性循環,哈! 上面有一個是完全用翻譯機翻出來的,大二他翻Big two我想老外應該會看不懂那一篇,我想我這國中畢業照文翻譯的雖然不算標準,但是應該還可以讓人了解一點! 如果你姊真的是要寄這信給人家,建議內容要重新寫過唷!

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    Xxx professor hello, I am XXX, does not see for a long time, did not

    know whether you do remember me? When big two has repaired the

    classical literature which your teaches, because I autumn planned

    tomorrow England takes advanced courses sells the master's degree,

    recently applied for the school in the preparation, wanted to ask

    professor to help me to write a letter of recommendation, if will have

    your letter of recommendation to apply for the school to me extremely

    to have the help, if had the disturbance the place to deeply feel the

    regret, extremely thank you.

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