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This study examined visitors’ cognitive image change and its relation to their loyalty, which was measured in both attitudinal and behavioral terms. It was found that visitors positively modified their perceptions about most of a destination’s attributes after their arrival at the destination. The extent of the positive modifications, however, varied among the three groups of the first-timers, the repeaters, and the loyalists. The testing results of eight hypotheses revealed that there was a significant causal relationship between visitors’ image modification and their willingness to recommend - for all visitors except the repeaters; but there existed no significant causal relationship between visitors’ image modification and their return likelihood - for all visitors except the first-timers. Among other contributions to the extant literature, the study and its findings advanced the understanding of the dynamic and influential nature of image, particularly the direct relationships between image modifications and the important construct of loyalty. The study also shed new light on attitudinal and behavioral definitions of loyalty and the significance of specifying the attitudinal loyalty by the two separate variables of willingness to recommend and return likelihood. As the concepts of image and loyalty are the key constructs of branding, the study’s findings and the methodological approach should also inform the research and practice of destination branding.

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    這項研究檢視了參訪者所認知的影像的改變, 以及這種變化與參訪者的忠誠度的關聯,這個忠誠度的評量是以態度和行為的雙重條件下進行。 我們發現參訪者會在他們到達目的地之後明確的變更他們對於此目的地的屬性的認知。 然而這類明確的變更也會因不同的三個群組而變化---第一次到訪者, 重複到訪者, 忠實參訪者。 八個假設之下的測驗結果顯示了-----除了重複到訪者外其他所有的參訪者的認知影像及他們推薦的意願之間有明顯的因果關係----而除了第一次到訪者外其他所有的參訪者的認知影像與他們再次參訪的可能性沒有顯著因果關係。 其他現存的文學的協助中, 此研究和它的結論提出了對於動態及有影響力的自然影像, 特別參訪者影像的變化與忠誠度重要的架構之間的直接關係。 此研究也創新地考慮到忠誠度的態度與行為定義, 並且以二個不同的變數---推薦意願及再次參訪, 提出特定忠誠度的顯著性。 而影像認知及忠誠度的概念便是建立品牌, 這個研究的發現及方法論述方向亦賦予了品牌研究和實踐品牌定位。

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    visitor 我暫翻成 參訪者或到訪者,

    但是看整篇文章後, 又覺得像是 "客戶",

    端看版主的原文, 其實 參訪者或參觀者或來賓 應該都可以

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