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希望 懂的朋友 幫我 ...

(而不是用翻譯機貼上 這是第二次發問了 感謝有心的朋友 幫忙)

認真回答者佳 我會大方把點數 給你的 ^ ^

把下面回答的"中文" 翻譯成 ”英文”就行  

1. HOW would you rate your English abilites(listening speaking reading and writinf)

看的懂簡單字彙會唸 文法和會話不熟 一般都是只有在考試或交作業 才會用到

2.How many hours do you spend in studying english a week?

How do you study english (tools? exra learing classes?)

listening to ICRT ?

每週約2~6小時 大部分都是在背單字

上網站瀏覽 查看外文書 或是向朋友提問

沒有聽ICRT 但我會聽些 國外的流行歌 或是看 MTV-U的頻道有不少視覺化的設計

3.tell as about youself

我叫史考特 是家中長子 最喜歡得興趣是拍照和繪圖

目前在考研究所和女友交往中 努力度過...

最喜歡的事: 動畫欣賞和BLOG 寫作 設計作品交流



4.WHAT would motivate(動機) you to study english

學習英文的動機 希望能多交朋友 開拓視野 提升自己的語言能力

有朝一日 能帶自己心愛的人去自助旅行

5.what do you think would motivate people to study english?

人們學英文 是為了求生存 賺更多的錢 讓自己溫飽 然後在利益的洪流迷失自我..

格言: 美好的假日 我們只有在需要錢的時候才去工作

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    1. 看的懂簡單字彙會唸 文法和會話不熟 一般都是只有在考試或交作業 才會用到

    I can understand basic vocabularies and I can pronounce them. As for grammer and speaking skills I'm not too familiar with it. I used them when I need to take a test or paper that needs to be due.

    2. 每週約2~6小時 大部分都是在背單字

    上網站瀏覽 查看外文書 或是向朋友提問

    沒有聽ICRT 但我會聽些 國外的流行歌 或是看 MTV-U的頻道有不少視覺化的設計

    I spend two to six hours weekly on studying English.

    I spend most of the time memorizing vocabularies. However, I will surf on the internet for information, do so reasearch with foreign articles and books or I will ask my friends about the concerns I have.

    I do not listen to ICRT but I will listen to some English pop songs. In addition, I'll check out MTV-U channel for the music videos as well as stunning visual effects on the music video.

    3. 我叫史考特 是家中長子 最喜歡得興趣是拍照和繪圖

    目前在考研究所和女友交往中 努力度過...

    最喜歡的事: 動畫欣賞和BLOG 寫作 設計作品交流



    My name is Scott and I'm the eldest son among my family. My favorite hobbies are to take photos and draw. As of current I'm trying to apply for graduate school while dating my girl friend with all my effort and energy.

    In terms of what I like would be watching animations, reading blogs, free writing and designing a product for the purpose of exchanging thoughts and ideas.

    The following is my personal website for the products and designs I've made, please check it out.

    4. 學習英文的動機 希望能多交朋友 開拓視野 提升自己的語言能力

    有朝一日 能帶自己心愛的人去自助旅行

    When I think about the motivaction to learn English, it was because I want to make more friends, have a worldwide perspectives, improve my language skills and perhaps in the near future, I can bring the girl I love and go on a trip.

    5. 人們學英文 是為了求生存 賺更多的錢 讓自己溫飽 然後在利益的洪流迷失自我..

    People learn English is for the purpose to survie, to make more money, to feed themselves and then find themselves lost in a world that's all about profits.

    格言: 美好的假日 我們只有在需要錢的時候才去工作

    Idiom: Weekends and holidays are meant to be wonderful, thus we only need to work when we need money.

    Source(s): 自己(現居國外)
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    1.Looks understands the simple dictionary to be able to read the grammar

    and the conversation is not ripe generally all is only has in the test

    or hands over the work only then to be able to use

    2.Each week approximately 2~6 hour majority all is outside the website

    browsing examination the copy clerk perhaps inquires in the back

    individual character to the friend

    Has not listened to ICRT but I to be able to listen to an

    overseas popular song perhaps to look MTV-U the frequency channel has

    many visions design

    3.I am called the history am in the family the eldest son most

    like the interest at present am photograph with the cartography in

    test the research institute and the girlfriend associate diligently


    Most likes matter: Animation appreciation and BLOG writing

    design work exchange

    Individual work website:

    Has empties has a look

    4.The study English motive hoped can make the friend to develop the

    field of vision to promote own language ability some day the energy

    band beloved person to help oneself the travel


    Source(s): 自己
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