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(According to the word limit, I will be running out of space if I put everything that want to say, so I will reply you here instead)

XD I was worried, about not coming back in time to give out the points.

I guess I did manage at the end lol... sorry about the englishness!

Update 2:

Cos I couldn't accessed to internet recently on my laptop, so I've got to use one of these library PC... and thanks a lot!

There is some really good information in your answer; even Amazon sent my post with FedEx at the end...

But still! Thanks a lot! It was pretty helpful~

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    Favorite Answer 的國際包裹運送時間

    (Availability) + (Shipping Time) = Total Delivery Time

    Availability 指的是 Amazon 備貨時間, 根據商品說明可換算時間(見下文)

    在 2007年3月7日之後, 已不再提供 International Economy Shipping, 全免改用快速件 International Express Shipping (大約 2~5日).

    International Economy Shipping

    International Economy Shipping is no longer available after March, 7, 2007.

    International Express Shipping2 to 5 Business Days (Excluding some countries and the regions)


    In stock: The item is on hand at our fulfillment center, and we expect to be able to prepare this item for shipment within a few hours to a few days (depending on the shipment method you choose).

    Usually ships in 2-3 days : We expect to receive the item from a nearby distributor and ship it to you within 2 to 3 days of your order.

    Usually ships in 1-2 weeks : We expect to receive the item from a distributor and ship it to you within 1 to 2 weeks of your order.

    Usually ships in 3-5 weeks : Our suppliers are unable to predict when they will have more copies in stock, but we hope to be able to ship it to you within 3 to 5 weeks.

    Out of Stock : This item is currently not available for ordering.

    Special Order : We must obtain this item directly from the publisher, label, or studio and can then ship it to you within 4 to 6 weeks of your order. We will notify you within 4 weeks if we have trouble obtaining an item.

    Limited Availability : This item is not currently available for ordering from, and we have stopped taking orders for it.

    Not yet released and Not yet published--on order : The latest release date information that we have for the item will be on its product information page. If you want to pre-order the item, we will ship it to you once the release date passes and the item is made available to us for shipment.

    Source(s): 跨國交易專家
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