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if you are a Jew, are you good with money?

if you are a Jew, how good are you with money? because of what i hear that Jewish are good with money. so do you think you are good with money, and do you think you just born that way?

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    In middle age Europe there were church laws that prohibited Christians to lend money, ie be professional moneylenders/bankers. Jews did not have to follow these laws, and had anti-semitic prohibitions in job choice dictated to them. It was only natural they started to lend money to christians. And since creditors are not exactly loved by those who lend the money because of the interests, it became a common prejudice that Jews are good with money and are parasites etc.

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    Really the Jews have all the money do they? That's funny because I know that there are quite a number of Jews who are struggling to make ends meet and others who are living below the poverty line. Your question smacks of the idiotic stereotype that sickens Jews like me who come from families who have worked hard all their lives to make ends meet. Great post Mike :-)

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    Wow. Just. Wow.

    Were you born to be prone to believing stereotypes and generalizing about others?

    That's actually really offensive when people ask things like that.

    (For the record, I'm Jewish and yes, I can balance a checkbook, but so can all of my Christian friends.)

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    You should just be asking them if they can help you become good with money since you are not Jewish and must not be good with money.

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    That is a VERY offensive stereotype. It is in the same category of:

    if you are Black, you like watermelon

    If you are Irish, you fight and drink a lot

    if you are Polish, you are stupid

    If you are English, you have bad teeth

    If you are French, you are rude

    If you are Spanish you are irresistible to the opposite sex

    If you are Italian you are Mafia

    if you are American you think God smiled on you ( Oops, it was just gas )

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    its typical that ppl think that jewish ppl are good with money

    which some are ex: stock brokers, loaners.

    but there are homeless jewish ppl on the street

    it doenst matter what race you are

    just how good you are with money.

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    Jill u sound like the racist here, It's a stereo type and not a bad one to have

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    It has do do with the exposure to money with your family while growing up. Talking about it at the dinner table.

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    aha, have you been watching Family Guy or something? x]

    just S T E R E O T Y P E

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    What does this have to do with religion? You're talking about a stereotype.

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