the sims 2?

how do i create a vampire sim


i have the sims 2 deluxe w/ nightlife i jst need to no how to thurn a sim in2 a vamp

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    Vampires came with Sims 2 Nightlife. What you need to do is become very close friends with one of the two "head" vampires. You can usually meet them (at night of course) downtown. They wont be there every time, be patient. You dont have to get to be friends with them there. Once you've met them, you can call them on the phone an invite them to your house (but only at night--they ARE vampires after all). Just get your relationship score high enough and eventually the option "bite neck" will appear when you click on the Vampire. Once you're bitten, you're a vamp! Make sure to buy the coffin bed and stay OUT of the sun!

    Oh one more thing, once a Head Vampire bites one of YOUR playable sims, they can start biting other townies they have high relationships on their own--they wont need you to direct it. Of course, YOUR sim can bite others as well!

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    Our first Sims two was once a kit which got here with Sims two, Nightlife and BonVoyage --- means less expensive as a kit set then purchasing the three individually. Sims two is a amusing and addictive recreation!

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    You need the nightlife expansion pack first to create a proper one. Then all you need to do is get bitten by a vampire at night in downtown, if that gets to complicated go to ( and get a hacked item which can automatically make you a vampire. Remember to buy a coffin and dont spend to much time in daylight! good luck

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    you can only turn your sim into a vampire if you have sims 2 nightlife.

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    mods, it's all around the internet

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