Larry Williams, missing person?

This is a long shot, but I'm trying all the venues I can. Even if you don't have any info about this man, any useful tips on finding missing people would be great!

One of my best friends grew up not knowing her father, and is now trying to locate him. This is all she knows about him

the Info:

name: Larry Williams

age: somewhere between 45 and 55 ish?

appearance: red hair, green eyes, short-ish, i think

last seen: uhhhh...for sure, he was almost positivley at the White Spot Tavern in Kent WA on October 28, 1989

random bits: some time in the 80's, definitely 87-89, he played the saxophone in a band called the Way Back Machine, he toured the Aberdeen-Kent-Tacoma area, but frequented the White Spot in Kent.

Any helpful info would be fantastic! Thank you so much!

1 Answer

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