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i dont have any songs left help do u have a nice song?

i listen to the same things over and over my musics getting boring i need good music any1 got any ideas if u gimme a song i listen to u wont get 10 pts and best answer if u gimme a rlly dumb song u know i will hate u wont get best answer if u gimme the best song id listen to everyday u get 10 pts if udk wut i listen to try ure best to figure me out im 10 i like rap r&b pop rock i listen to anything

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    POP & R&B

    001-If You Had My Love 04:27 Jennifer Lopez

    002-No Scrubs 03:34 TLC

    003-Hooler 04:10 Spice Girls

    004-Survivor 04:16 Destiny's Child

    005-Come Into My World 04:31 Kylie Minogue

    006-I Am Outta Love 04:04 Anastacia

    007-Doo Woop (That Thing) 05:19 Lauryn Hill

    008-I Know Where It's At 05:08 All Saints

    009-Looking For Love 03:55 Karen Ramirez

    010-I Will Survive 06:32 Hermes House Band

    011-If You Steal My Sunshine 03:52 Len

    012-Love Fool 03:19 The Cardigans

    013-Lemon Tree 03:13 Fool´s Garden

    014-Get What You Give 05:08 New Radicals

    015-Wishing I Was There 03:53 Natalie Imbruglia

    016-Don't Tell Me 04:41 Madonna

    017-Maria 04:54 Blondie

    018-That Don't Impress Me Much 04:27 Shania Twain

    019-Pop Music 03:56 Mousse T

    020-***** 04:13 Meredith Brooks

    021-Bathwater 04:02 No Doubt

    022-Bootylicious 03:27 Destiny's Child

    023-Play 03:32 Jennifer Lopez

    024-Lady Marmalade 04:24 Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya & Pink

    025-I'm A Slave 4 U 03:36 Britney Spears

    026-Pop 04:01 'N Sync

    027-Boys 03:23 B.O.N.

    028-DON'T WANNA LET YOU GO 03:22 Five

    029-Everybody 04:48 Backstreet Boys

    030-Don´t Stop Movin´ 03:54 S Club 7

    031-It´s Raining Men 04:20 Geri Halliwell

    032-Ces Soirees La 03:20 Yannick

    033-I See You Baby 04:03 Groove Armada

    034-Murder on the Dancefloor 03:51 Sophie Ellis Bextor

    035-Am I Sexy? 03:35 Lords Of Acid

    036-Video Killed The Radio Star 04:10 B80

    037-Don't Call Me Baby 03:47 Madison Avenue

    038-Would You 03:06 Touch & Go

    039-Hey Baby 03:29 No Doubt

    040-Cherry Lips 03:14 Garbage

    041-Are You Jimmy Ray 03:21 Jimmy Ray

    042-Rock DJ 04:17 Robbie Williams

    043-Butterfly 03:36 Crazy Town

    044-Clint Eastwood 05:43 Gorillaz

    045-Lady Marmelade 03:53 All Saints

    046-Get the Party started 03:13 Pink

    047-Ladies Night 04:27 Lil' Kim, Missy, Angie Martinez, Left Eye & D

    048-I Am The Body Beautiful 04:51 Salt-N-Pepa

    049-Jenny From The Block 06:14 Jennifer Lopez

    050-Dirrty 04:58 Christina Aguilera

    051-I Love Rock & Roll 03:06 Britney Spears

    052-Girlfriend 04:16 'N Sync

    053-World Of Our Own 03:32 Westlife

    054-A Little Bit Goes A Long Way 03:47 Jessica Simpson

    055-Rock The Party 02:59 Five

    056-Lady 05:05 Modjo

    057-Little Scare 04:11 Benjamin Diamond

    058-Can't Get You Out Of My Head 03:51 Kylie Minogue

    059-Music 03:45 Madonna

    060-It Feels So Good 03:57 Sonique

    061-One More Time 03:55 Daft Punk

    062-Turn off the light 04:38 Nelly Furtado

    063-Complicated 04:05 Avril Lavigne

    064-Where Ever You Will Go 03:28 The Calling

    065-little respect 03:27 Weatus

    066-Dancing Queen 04:02 Sixpence None the Richer

    067-Papa Don't Preach 03:26 Kelly Osbourne

    068-All The Things She Said 03:36 t.A.T.u.

    069-Just Like a Pill 03:59 Pink

    070-Fighter 04:05 Christina Aguilera

    071-One Wild Night 04:01 Bon Jovi

    072-The Animal Song 04:39 Savage Garden

    073-Beauty On The Fire 04:21 Natalie Imbruglia

    074-Intuition 03:50 Jewel

    075-Like I Love You 04:43 Justin Timberlake

    076-Help Me 03:08 Nick Carter

    077-Underneath Your Clothes 03:45 Shakira

    078-Escape 03:28 Enrique Iglesias

    079-Don't say goodbye 03:40 Paulina Rubio

    080-You Spin Me' Round 04:14 Thalía

    081-Me Against The Music 03:44 Britney Spears ft Madonna

    082-Charlie's Angels 2000 03:57 Apollo 440

    083-Can't Hold Us Down 04:14 Christina Aguilera

    084-Its My Life 03:44 Bon Jovi

    085-Malchik Gay 03:10 t.A.T.u.

    086-Come Dig Me Out 03:31 Kelly Osbourne

    087-I'm like a Bird 04:05 Nelly Furtado

    088-Where is The Love 03:47 Black Eyed Peas

    089-Angel 03:55 Shaggy

    090-Crazy In Love 04:09 Beyonce and Jay-Z

    091-Cry Me A River 04:48 Justin Timberlake

    092-Not In Love 03:42 Enrique Iglesias

    093-You Rock My World 04:27 Michael Jackson

    094-In Your Eyes 03:20 Kylie Minogue

    095-Hollywood 04:24 Madonna

    096-Unspeakable 03:14 Ace of Base

    097-White Flag 04:01 Dido

    098-I Drove All Night 04:00 Celine Dion

    099-Crush (1980 Me) 03:59 Darren Hayes

    100-Paid My Dues 03:22 Anastacia

    101-Straight To Number One 03:37 Touch & Go

    102-Sexy Boy 05:41 The Kinky Boyz Feat Kia

    103-Love To Love You Baby 04:22 No Doubt

    104-Figured You Out 03:48 Nickleback

    105-Call Me Ego 04:07 Nicky Costa

    106-Somewhere Over The Rainbow 01:28 me first and the gimmie gimmies

    107-Fell in Love With a Girl 01:49 White Stripes

    108-Guilty 03:46 The Rasmus

    109-Living in America 03:32 The Sounds

    110-Toxic 03:26 Britney Spears

    111-Milkshake 03:09 Kelis

    112-Dip It Low 03:55 Christina Milan

    113-Naughty Girl 03:30 Beyonce

    114-Shut Up 04:58 Black Eyed Peas

    115-Roses 06:11 Outcast

    116-I'm Still In Love With You 04:29 Sean Paul & Sasha

    117-I'm Loving It 03:43 Justin Timberlake

    118-Devils and Angels 03:50

    119-Feel In Love With a Boy 03:03 Joss Stone

    120-This Love 04:26 Maroon 5

    121-All Day Long I Dream About Sex 06:03 JC Chasez

    122-Take me out 04:01 Franz Ferdinand

    123-It's My Life 03:48 No Doubt

    124-YOU BLEW ME OFF 02:40

    125-Someday 03:31 Nickelback

    126-Feeling Good 03:22 Muse

    127-Good Boys 04:20 Blondie

    128-Red-Blooded Woman 04:25 Kylie Minogue

    129-Smooth 03:25 IIO

    130-Popular 03:52 Darren Hayes

    131-Radio 03:49 Robbie Williams

    132-In The Shadows 04:19 The Rasmus

    133-Last To Know 04:05 Pink

    134-My Happy Ending 04:04 Avril Lavigne

    135-Harder To Breath 02:55 Maroon 5

    136-Let's Get Started 03:39 Black Eyed Peas

    137-Yeah! 04:12 Usher

    138-The Dark Side Of The Matinee 04:18 Franz Ferdinand

    139-You Had Me 04:03 Joss Stone

    140-Trick Me 03:27 Kelis

    141-My Prerogative 03:33 Britney Spears

    142-I'm Gonna Be Alright (Featuring 50 Cent) 03:53 Jennifer Lopez

    143-Explode 03:44 Nelly Furtado

    144-Karma 04:15 Alicia Keys

    145-Chocolate 05:02 Kylie Minogue

    146-All Night (Don't Stop) 03:28 Janet Jackson

    147-What You Waiting For? 03:43 Gwen Stefani

    148-Hey Ya!(1) 04:08 Outkast

    149-Hey Mama 03:34 Black Eyed Peas

    150-Some Girls 03:57 JC Chasez

    151-Despre Tine 03:52 O-Zone

    152-Pop Music 03:56 Mousse T

    153-Baby Boy 04:04 Beyonce

    154-Laura 03:36 Scissor Sister

    155-Stary Eyed Surprise 03:46

    156-Rock Your Body 04:29 Justin Timberlake

    157-Creep 04:30 TLC

    158-Family Affair 04:30 Mary J Blinge

    159-Strange Relationship 05:02 Darren Hayes

    160-Flashdance 03:58 Deep Dish

    161-I Believe In You 03:21 Kylie Minogue

    162-Loose My Breath 03:56 Destiny's Child

    163-Get Right 03:47 Jennifer Lopez

    164-Tilt Ya Head Back 04:12

    165-Move Ya Body Girl 04:03 Nina Sky

    166-1, 2, Step 03:24 Ciara

    167-Millionare 03:47 Kelis & Andre 3000

    168-Only U 03:35 Ashanty

    169-Do Something 03:22 Britney Spears

    170-LALA 03:40 Ashlee Simpson

    171-Since You've Been Gone 03:08 Kelly Clarkson

    172-Take Your Mamma Out 04:35 Scissor Sisters

    173-Shut Up 03:01 Black Eyed Peas

    174-One Word 04:01 Kelly Osbourne

    175-Hollaback Girl 03:19 Gwen Stefani

    176-Lonely No More 03:47 Rob Thomas

    177-Wrong Impression 04:14 Natalie Imbruglia

    178-Crush 03:18 Jennifer Paige

    179-Just Want You To Know 03:53 Backstreet Boys

    180-Hung Up 05:36 Madonna

    181-Don't Lie 03:38 Black Eyed Peas

    182-You Know He Never Loved You 03:31 Thalia

    183-All About Us 03:01 t.A.T.u.

    184-Have A Nice Day 03:39 Bon Jovi

    185-Don't Bother 04:18 Shakira

    186-We Will Be Burning 03:27 Sean Paul

    187-Soldier 05:09 Destinys Child feat. Lil Wayne & TI

    188-Luxurious 04:24 Gwen Stefani

    189-It's Like That 03:24 Mariah Carey

    190-Who Do You Think You Are 04:00 Spice Girls

    191-...Baby One More Time 03:31 Britney Spears

    192-Tearin' Up My Heart 03:28 'N Sync

    193-Get Down 03:54 Backstreet Boys

    194-Genie In A Bottle 03:39 Christina Aguilera

    195-Look At Me 03:35 Geri Haliwell

    196-Say My Name 04:30 Destiny's Child

    197-Never Ever (All Star Mix) 04:35 All Saints

    198-Livin' La Vida Loca 04:05 Ricky Martin

    199-Be With You 03:39 Enrique Iglesias

    200-Waitting For Tonight 04:07 Jennifer Lopez

    201-If You Leave Me Now 03:36 Monica Naranjo

    202-If You Could Read My Mind 03:37 Ultra Nate, Amber & Jocelyn Enriquez

    203-Let's Dance 03:38 Five

    204-Wannabe 02:54 Spice Girls

    205-(You Drive Me) Crazy 03:19 Britney Spears

    206-I Want You Back 03:21 'N Sync

    207-Larger Than Life 03:54 Backstreet Boys

    208-Come On Over 03:19 Christina Aguilera

    209-Halfway Around The World 03:42 A-Teens

    210-Cartoon Heroes 03:39 Aqua

    211-Together Again 04:08 Janet Jackson

    212-Desesperada(English Extended Version) 05:21 Marta Sánchez

    213-(This is) A Song For The Lonely 04:02 Cher

    214-Don't Stop 04:38 Madonna

    215-Lucky Love (Acoustic Version) 02:52 Ace Of Base

    216-It Ain't Over Till It's Over 04:05 Lenny Kravitz

    217-Singing In My Sleep 04:16 Semisonic

    218-Breathless 03:29 The Corrs

    219-The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You 03:29 BRIAN ADAMS

    220-I Touch Myself 03:45 Divinyls

    221-Man! I Feel Like A Women 03:56 Shania Twain

    222-Uptown Girl 03:11 Westlife

    223-Stop 03:24 Spice Girls

    224-I Think That I'm in Love With You 03:18 Jessica Simpson

    225-Independent Women Part I 03:41 Destiny's Child

    226-Oops!... I Did It Again 03:35 Britney Spears

    227-Bye Bye Bye 03:20 N Sync

    228-The Call 03:24 Back street boys

    229-I Don't Care 03:48 Ricky Martin Feat. Amerie & Fat Joe

    230-Rhytm Divine 03:32 Enrique Iglesias

    231-I Want You 03:46 Thalía Feat. Fat Joe

    232-My Humps 03:59 Black Eyed Peas

    233-Desire 03:24 Geri Haliwell

    234-The Beat Of My Heart 03:09 Hillary Duff

    235-Boyfriend 02:55 Ashlee Simpson

    236-Seduction 04:08 Thalía

    237-I Still... 03:50 Backstreet Boys

    238-They 03:19 Jem

    239-This is How a Heart Breaks 03:50 Rob Thomas

    240-Temperature 03:31 Sean Paul

    241-Check Up On It 03:31 Beyonce

    242-Hips Don't Lie (Feat. Wyclef Jean) 03:41 Shakira

    243-It's Alright 03:30 Ricky Martin

    244-Superstar 03:37

    245-The Skins 02:52 Scissor Sisters

    246-Sorry 04:43 Madonna

    247-SOS (Rescue Me) 03:58 Rihanna

    248-Rich Girl 03:56 Gwen Stefani

    249-Bossy 04:40 Kellis Ft. Too Short

    250-L.O.V.E. 02:33 Ashlee Simpson

    251-Who Knew 03:28 Pink

    252-Friend Or Foe 03:08 t.A.T.u.

    253-Walk Away 03:08 Kelly Cl

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    J Holiday-Suffocate

    Joe Featuring Papoose-Where You At

    Freeway-Big Spender

    Jay-Z & Jermaine Dupri-Money Ain't A Thing

    50 Cent-I Get Money

    Snoop Dogg-Sensual Seduction

    The Dey-Giving You The World

    Timbaland-It's Too Late To Apologize

    The Outlawz-Real Talk


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    Low: Flow Rida

    Stronger: Kanye West

    Simple Plan

    Avril Lavigne


    Bon Jovi


    Cyclone: Baby Bash

    Tattoo: Jordin Sparks

    Rehab: Amy Winehouse

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    Go Girl Pitbull

    Boyfriend/Girlfriend Cside

    All Falls Down Kanye West

    Flashing Lights Kanye

    Stronger Kanye

    Good Life Kanye

    What is it Baby Bash

    Elevator Flo Rida

    Low Flo Rida

    Superstar Lup Fiasco

    Take You There Sean Kingston

    Sensual Seduction Snoop Dog

    Sexy Can I Ray J

    The Way I Are Timbaland

    Some of my Rap/Hip Hop Favorites

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    I love Fountains of Wayne, OK Go, Wilco, and The Kings of Leon. Or The Beasties Boys.

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    well... I really like the band "Pink Floyd" its an old band but soooo awesome! "Tool" is a great band too. But notice all the crap I listen to is rock (and I also love classical music) thats pretty much all I listen to, because I HATE HIP HOP MUSIC IT SICKENS ME!

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    I just heard and started listening to, and fell in love with this band called The Honorary Title.

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    ok well i listen to mainly rock here are a few of my favs



    three days grace,

    finger eleven,

    buck cherry,

    breaking benjamin,

    less than jake is ok not that great but if you like punk rock id check em out

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    1 decade ago

    The Black Keys (Bluesy-Rock):

    Van Hunt (R&B and Rock):

    The Hives (Rock):

    Scissor Sisters (Rock, Pop, Dancy-Weird stuff):

    Ima Robot (Rock):

    Lyrics Born (Hip-Hop, Rap):

    Listen at links...

    Source(s): lmao @ Helter. I guess dead, drunken heroin addicts are more your cup of tea. I kid, I kid.
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    1 decade ago

    it depends what u like

    rap-drop and gimme 50

    rock-animal ive become

    hip hop-shawty get loose

    thats my fave

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