My ACP BatteryBackUp/Surge Protection is beeping/flashing?

It is model BE325.

One day, after a party, I heard it making this beeping sound that doesn't stop at all (It's continous). And the light flashes (on, off, on , off,etc.). It's really annoying. And I don't know what's wrong with it.

Everything hooked up to it still works after I pushed the button/light a few times (now it's back to the same flashing thing and the beeping)

I think it need's a battery change but I'm not sure. Can anyone tell me for sure? Also, my other 2 batterybackup/surge protections from different companies kinda do same thing. (i think one is also beeping and the other has a red light rather than green. then, when i pushed the on button for the red light one, it turned green and it worked again)

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  • iskai
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    1 decade ago
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    Hi there.

    Yeah, the battery is either dying or you got too much load connected to your APC.

    Best to check out your users manual (as mine does as well) in the section for error beep codes.

    Update: Ok, I read your manual and yeah, it is overloading.

    Overload Shutdown - During On

    Battery operation a battery-power

    outlet was overloaded.

    Power On LED -


    Continuous tone. Unit is turned off

    using the ON/OFF


    So there is something that is connected to your APC that is drawing more power than it should, or you just got too much plugged in .. for example .. NEVER put multiple outlet strips to your APC .. a no no.

    OR ...

    Your battery is dying ..

    Replace Battery - Battery may need

    to be replaced, or the battery is not


    Power On LED -


    Continuous tone. Unit is turned OFF

    and then ON and it

    passes a subsequent

    battery test. (This test

    occurs automatically

    whenever the unit is

    turned ON and every

    14 days)

    Hope this helps

  • onita
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    4 years ago

    Apc Be325r

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