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United Nations?

What are 3 issues the UN has been/is dealing with, and what are they doing about them?

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    United Nations can only be a fully functional and effective body once the veto powers of certain privileged countries is taken away. Establishing the rule of "one nation one vote" and respecting the "will of the majority" should be an issue for the members to consult upon.

    Within the current structure, the UN is only a cosmetic organization to obscure the hidden agendas of the super nations under the pretense of so called "resolutions".

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    Wow imagine of the money saved if the UN moved away. Can already image the recent residence progression, and all those so referred to as ambassador privileges revoked. The 1000's of thousands of money no longer spent else were yet spent contained in the U. S. as a change. the squaddies that isn't ought to area of the UN forces. The treaties the U. S. can in basic terms brush away, the nonsense of asking permission to do the right aspect would in basic terms keep time. as a change of humanitarian funds going into the pocket of UN officials it would honestly flow to the those it truly is that if we like it too. sounds like a good idea to me.

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    the UN is a worthless piece of crap, and I commend GWB for recognizing this. Because few people will for some reason.

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    1.They recieve alot of money from the USA

    2.They have prime real estate in the USA

    3.They use the USA as a scapegoat for nearly every problem in the world.

    Why would they want to do anything?

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    Nothing period concerning important issues.

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    They solved the Israeli/ Palestinian problem. Give them more pay and expenses.

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