Puppy's milk teeth?

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Well, my puppy hasn't lost his yet, but I just realised they have those too while reading some questions here(wow). By then would it be totally okay for him to swallow the milk ...show more
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  • DP answered 6 years ago
Adult teeth are a lot less sharp than puppy teeth. You don't need to worry about the bleeding or anythign else.. Lots to chew on, and he'll be fine.. Don't worry about him swallowing the teeth... most puppies swallow many of their teeth. It doesn't hurt them.
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  • Prophet 1102 answered 6 years ago
    you'll probably never notice. He'll swallow most if not all of them. It's painless - just like losing your baby teeth.
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  • Dog_Volunteer answered 6 years ago
    I don't really understand what you are saying...BUT puppy's teeth or duller than adults
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  • Brasky answered 6 years ago
    He will swallow most of his baby teeth. Some he will spit out and let me tell ya...those little boogers are NO fun to step on!! He will be fine if he swallows them. Don't worry about bleeding. There will be very little to none. Puppies chew during this stage too and may make themselves bleed trying to cut teeth. The bleeding will stop on it's own don't worry.

    OH and teething HURTS!! to dull his pain a cheap easy method is to just give them an ice cube to chew on as the cold will feel good on a hurting mouth. You can also soak a rope toy/sock/washcloth...anything absorbent really in water and freeze it overnight. the ice cubes make for quicker clean up and barely leave any wetness on the floor (i've noticed that the rope toys take FOREVER to dry when wet and the towels are soggy.)
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  • tucksgal answered 6 years ago
    Most pups will swallow them and this is perfectly natural. However my pup actually spit them out and I have all of her baby teeth! If you are really attached to your pup see if you can't at least grab one to save. But don't worry about him swallowing them, he'll be fine.
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  • Krystal C answered 6 years ago
    Yeah, they can swallow them, its not a big deal. My youngest dog swallowed nearly all of his...and it was okay. I found a few tho, and kept them (I know, I'm weird lol) Most of the time the pupy doesnt realize they are losing teeth. There will be a little bit of blood but dont be worried, its normal. Make sure to check the dogs mouth frequently because sometimes the adult teeth push through before the puppy teeth fall out. They can get infected. If this is happening to your dog, the vet will usually pull the tooth out when the puppy is getting fixed (please tell me the puppy is getting fixed!!)

    and yes (thank god) adult teeth are a lot duller than puppy teeth. Getting bit by a puppy is so painful....its like they got a little mouth full of razor blades! Ouch!!
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  • Wondering answered 6 years ago
    well it's just like a person, the puppy will spit the teeth out, there might be blood, but it's nothing to worry about

    and yes, the teeth will be less sharp but will still hurt when he bites
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  • Sonbear answered 6 years ago
    They sometimes ingest them-- there shouldn't be much blood. Most people don't even notice when they lose them. This is usually a piece of cake. Permanent teeth are larger (less cat like).
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  • ☼HNC☼ answered 6 years ago
    You probably won't be able to catch every single one that he loses. My puppy has lost quite a few, and I've actually only seen about 3 come out, and I watch him like a hawk. It is safe for them to swallow them, they are so tiny it is unlikely that the puppy will have any trouble passing the little teeth.

    I haven't seen any blood... although one of his stuffed toys had a touch of pink on it the other day, but no biggie. His new teeth won't be as sharp... but you do want to teach him NOT to bite, because as he grows he'll have a much more forceful bite. Don't take your chances with that one :D

    What I do for my pup, to ease his teething pain, is take an old sock or dish towel, run it under water, and put it in the freezer for a few hours. The cold helps to soothe their sore gums, and most puppies love to sink their teeth into something soft.

    Good luck with the pup!
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  • Tsunami answered 6 years ago
    his teeth will fall out and yes he could swallow them and you wont' even notice. they are sorta less sharp but they will hurt if you dont' teach him tostop biting. there is no reason to have him biting its unexceptable. they won't bleed and hurt him and you will not notice. take care.
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